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New Helmets - $65 delivered

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Mouth, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. ABS plastic. Not much good on the road.
  2. why??? It says they meet the AS1698 standard (think that is the number for the standard)

    But you get whatever colour they send you.....me i think i would probably send a little more on my head then 50.00 bucks maybe ok for a spare
  3. $65 helmet? I don't have a $65 head, ok if you are very limited on funds but I always try and get the safest and best fitting, that way after a accident you cant say.... "I should have....."
  4. This is what I don't understand when people talk about helmets.

    This $65 helmet may well be heavier and noisier than more expensive ones or may not have a removable liner etc, but if it is the best fit for your head then why isn't it safe. As Stewy said, it meets the Australian standard.

    You may argue some more expensive ones exceed the standards, but how do you judge that or even know that this one doesn't. :confused:
  5. i actually looked up the brand, some of there helmets actually have DOT and snell approval.....
  6. Grinds through real quick in a slide. You know the standard doesn't mean much, too.
  7. Polycarbonate doesn't 'grind through' any quicker than fibreglass does, and the Australian standard is actually stricter than the DOT standard test.

    Would I wear one of these helmets? No... but only because they look crap, not because they aren't safe enough.
  8. +1
    I dont think Rossi would wear a $65 helmet
  9. No, His helmets are free.......from sponsors :)
  10. Hmmm ... a $40 helmet that you get at a great price, or a $60 helmet that you paid $300 for because of importers, warehouses, distributors, retailers, all wanting their cut and add-on.
  11. I'm of the opinion that correct fitting is as important, if not more so, than the who, what, and how much of a helmet.

    I spent a lot on my helmet recently, not because I thought it was safer, but simply because after trying on dozens it was the best fit.

    I think its crazy if people buy helmets online based on a general size without having tried that model of helmet on in a store. Ok if its for the "unexpected" pillion, but for myself I wouldnt since it is either going to be too tight somewhere and uncomfortable/noisy or too loose and unsafe.

    As noobs we are told to never buy a second hand helmet, but seems to be less talk about getting a helmet properly fitted for safety.
  12. If a helmet passes the standards it passes the standards. Like every other bit of gear - dearest is not necessarily the best.
  13. The Australian standard doesn't test chin bar strength as far as I remember.

    If it did (or didn't exclude open face helmets from that portion) then open face helmets would automatically fail.

    Are you saying 'TheYak' that those shorty open faces are safer or less safe than the cheap helmets in the original post?
  14. No mate, just pointing out that the peanut shells also pass the standard, for those that reason that passing the standard automatically makes a helmet 'good enough'.
  15. I wear a $65 helmet.It fits me better, has been lighter and more comforatble than any other helmet Ive ever had. I recently rubbed it on the road, yes with me head in it, and because of the perfect fit saved me from a lota damage. Passed my test.
    Mind you now that Ive rubbed it I wil lbe getting another.
  16. what helmet was that one Kat?
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