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New helmet

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Phil Ashford, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Hi I am getting my L's at the end of the month and am in the process of getting my gear leathers and helmet but not sure how much I should spend on a helmet any advice will be very helpful. I will have around $2000 to spend on gear.

  2. Welcome aboard Phil :] The budget sounds good my advice checkout your usual bike stores but in their runout / clearance areas, plus look for your discount chains down in Melbourne it would be AMX stores.
  3. Since your in Sydney I'd recommend popping into mcas or bikebiz as they are more of a one stop shop where you can try and buy everything.

    Just go with what's comfortable for your head shape for the lid and maybe a leather jacket/kevlar jeans combo. Also don't forget about gloves.
  4. Thanks jaycee just looked on bikebiz web site they got some nice stuff on there will pop in at weekend try on some
  5. Don't forget to ask for the best deal..

    If you're buying a few things together, you should be able to score a nice discount.

  6. Phil my advise would be not to put a $ value on the helmet, but rather purchase the one that fits you best and offers the things you want in a helmet be it a drop down visor, pin lock, bright orange eagle on the side etc ..

    Obviously if the one you like is $1200 and that is going to kill the budget then look at cheaper alternatives. Just make sure you buy on fit foremost rather than looks/price.
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  7. Just to reinforce what Jaytee has said. When it comes to motorcycle gear and helmets in particular price isn't anywhere near as important as fit and comfort.
  8. What they all said. Try before you buy. Make sure it fits. Don't just pick one online as it may not fit your head shape at all.

    Find one you like and that fits, check online for the exact same helmet to see if you can beat the store price, and if so use it as leverage to get the store to give you a better deal ;) .
  9. When you're trying the helmet in store, it's also a good idea to leave it on for a few minutes. Buckle in as you normally would.

    Different brands fit differently..

  10. I'd recommend not looking at any helmets online until you confirm the fit in store if you want to go that way.

    I got all excited about a certain Shark design I really liked, then realized it just wasn't made for my type of head.

    Also, what sort of riding are you going to do?

    FWIW the only helmets that fit me properly were either $800 or $180. I picked up the $180 EVS Cypher which has been great.
  11. Thanks Barters81 most of my riding will be to and from work, which will be 35km round trip into the city.
  12. Thanks I think I will be trying some on this weekend, I will let you all know how it turns out.