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New helmet. You have $300 to spend. What would you buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by anomac, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. So you have $300 to spend what would you buy?

    Lets keep it to Full face and Flip Face.

    Me, personally, I like the Bell Evo flip face. I ride around town mostly and I also am partial to the OGV (Kabutu) FF-5V, (Which I know is a little more than the 300 but I haven't looked about yet…Bound to be specials out there)

    Besides, I already have a nice open face so don't need to go back over that old ground… :sneaky:
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  2. Anyone tried Shark Helmets? Shark Vision R. Love to hear from real life usage.
  3. PS just advertised on this site with a helmet sale, was in Melb store last week and flip top helmets for $299. just a thought. I know you're in NSW , have you tried MCA up there?
  4. I have the kabuto. Absolutely love it. I paid $360 in Darwin so you should be able to get a better price down south. OGK make really good helmets in my opinion, this is my second, after the first one got between me and the road and came out 2nd best
  5. One that fits.....

    No, seriously. Buy the helmet that fits properly, brand and style doesn't matter.

  6. I had one of these, they are really heavy and noisy. Then again, they are cheap so there you go. Replaced it with a Shark Vision-R, much lighter and quieter.

    If you get a Tourtech, earplugs are essential.
  7. I have BeCool one. They are 'easy-to-fit' with glasses, thats why I picked it - other wont allow me to put prescription glasses in. In terms of noise it is also good however it is mine first helmet so I have nothing to compare with. Integrated (replaceable) drop-down dark visor and rapid anti-fog features are daily used and very useful.

    Bought it from mcas for 360 discounted from 450.
  8. I also have one and have no problem with the weight or noise.
  9. I couldn't agree more Mick but I wanted to see what people think.

    I've been living in Bali for the past 7 years and ride with an open face up there. Full face = head sauna in the tropics.

    Also you need to have a wider peripheral vision. Stuff going on all around. Now I am in Sydney for a few months and I am in need for something a little cozier. Having been right out of the market I wanted to tap into the brains trust. Will pop into MCA in town and might even go to Helmet Warehouse on the weekend.

    Actually how is the Helmet Warehouse. They seem to be the biggest out there…yes?
  10. I too am blind and this is a great reason just there. Will try them for sure.;)
  11. Me personally I love the AGV K4 In matte black!
  12. I had the Shark. Good helmet. I found it comfortable, light enough & fairly quiet. Depends what features you want for the $. For me, the peripheral vision was concerning. Ended up spending the extra $ on the XR1100 for that reason.
  13. Yep I hear you. Important consideration, especially in teh eastern suburbs. Lots of loons on teh road. Just do not look.

    Oh, and with that sale in Melbourne on the XR 1100 at present. I am seriously considering one. Gotta go try one though.

    Wearing specs means you gotta try all helms. Even different models have different little things where the glasses don't fit. Thanks for your feedback…(y)
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  14. I'm gonna grab my son from school today and hit the helmet shop.

    MAS are on Wentworth Street in the city. Lets see if we can't short list some more. Thanks everyone for the valuable input!!(y)
  15. On a budget, try HJC.
  16. So to end this I have purchased a Shoei XR 1100 in from Peter Stephens in Melbourne. They offer free delivery. And until the end of this month, they are only $499 inc.

    Went into Sydney and tried one on at MCAS. But they couldn't match the price. It's 30% of the price. Or speaking cash terms, about $200 cheaper.

    Actually the cheapest anywhere else in Oz I found them for was $600. So pretty happy with that.

    Style wise. Went for the El Capitano. Matt Black with dual white stripes running over it. Got an XL to fit my big head (y)