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New Helmet or just time for new padding?...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gpxkermit250, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. I have pillaged the Search function but just cant seem to find any content on this specific situation.....

    After 18months my Helmet is really loose. Not only on the sides, but if I pull it down from the straps there is a bit of clearence on the top of my nogg'n as well..

    I dont really want to buy a new Helmet, and have been told that new cheek pads will do the trick etc etc, however im not convinced..

    so, can anyone who has possibly been in the same situation let me know what you did and if you replaced the cheek pads with bigger ones how it went/where you went/how much

    One of my main concens is that, lets say for example cheek pads solve the left and right movement issue, will the gap on top will still be there allowing me to pull the helmet forward and back to easliy....or, will that make the helmet sit more snug thus suring up this space also....

    Its a good looking helmet, never been dropped bla bla, so seems a bit silly not to try and salvage it.

    so yeah, what are my options here.... ?
  2. I got thicker cheek pads for mine, which solved the left to right looseness. I never really had a problem with the helmet being loose at the top though. Does your helmet allow you to remove all the foam? If so, you should be able to get new foam for the whole interior and that would solve the problem.
  3. Simple, How much is your head worth, buy a new helmet. The cheek pads will only solve the side to side problem not top to bottom.
  4. Hey JP and LadyYamaha!

    Thanks for your replies, appreciate it : )

    I have since sussed out that the gap on my helmet was way beyond salvation for 2 reasons:
    1> The padding would have only fixed the left and right issue and
    2> The size was all wrong in the first place- I got a large,......way to big. I didnt even go through a 'wearing in/tight phase' that ive just learnt about is supposed to happen, so yeah... I sent my helmet packing and got a new one.

    AGV TiTech.. went into spend $150 and came out with a $600 conehead for $429 (Peter Stevens in Elizabeth St - Haggled them a bit as it was out of the box and clearly a test helmet in store)

    Blew the budget to smithers, but so worth it.. cant tell you how relieved I feel now....oh, and its so damn tight, my head is aching and ears throbbing. (Its an XS Size) but more than happy to know thats the interim discomfort till it settles in.

    Cheers, Greg
  5. im not happy with how mine fits n was pondering cheeks... so thanks for the thread :D

    think its time to do a tax return n hopefully get enough for a helmet :grin: