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New Helmet, Old Date

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Stringles, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, new here
    I recently purchased a brand new helmet, but on inspection when i got home it has a manufacturing date if 2006. Should I be concerned at all?
    Ive heard you should replace helmets after a couple of years of wearing them but will they deteriorate unused?

  2. Did you get a good price ?
  3. Yea it was discounted. But not a large amount. I gathered it was old stock but maybe not that old..
  4. A 5 year old helmet can hardly be considered 'new'
    Return it for a full refund
  5. Was it advertised as new?
    Or 'clearance' stock ?
  6. This bloke is wishing for a 5 yo helmet.
  7. 7 years.. haha
    and nah was just discounted
  8. I can add up much but I can lift heavy things
  9. A couple of years is not uncommon. Seven is taking the piss. I think it's reasonable to expect your money back.
  10. Wonder if there are any regulations about the helmet age?
    @Justus may know.
  11. Why ? He doesnt own one.
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  12. discounted or not 7 years is taking the piss... go get your money back.
  13. No dnagir.

  14. hey guys
    a couple of months ago i bought my helmet from bikebiz and just realised that inside of the helmet the date is marked June 08
    thought to myself, isn't this a bit old?
    why did i pay 350 for this?
    any thoughts? maybe im just not informed enough, i am new to riding bikes, gear etc
  15. Do any of you actually have any way to back up what you are saying?

    OP: Was the helmet a Shark RSR2?
  16. Shark's 5 year warranty applies from date of sale.

    Shoei recommends replacement after 5 years from date of purchase.

    Why don't helmets come stamped with an expiration date?
  17. i have the receipt and all.
    i only found out the date once i put the helmet up on ebay and an ebayer asked for the date inside the helmet.
    gave it a check once i got home from work and saw june 08, i was quite surprised.. i would have liked to buy a helmet dated at least late 2013, just for piece of mind, regardless of that "helmets last 5 yrs etc etc"
  18. Sorry, let me rephrase: Can anyone provide facts that show such helmets will offer degraded performance?
  19. For me though it was more about the fact that I would have bought the newer product vs older one. Personal preference and choice

    It just never occurred to me that I would be buying an older helmet as I was new to riding.

    The question like show me proof how this 5 yr old helmet is worse than a 2013 one is probably not a winning approach say for a store clerk if they had to justify to the customer who isnt terribly excited about buying a helmet from yrs ago.. people arent using just raw logic and information in their shopping choices, but emotional attachment will come into play. Kids want new things vs old. We dont grow out of these memories.. but yes I know where you're getting and you could be right indeed
  20. It may not be a winning approach but it's a pretty valid question. I base my opinion on the quality of helmets on independent tests. I would like to do the same when it comes to the shelf life of helmets However, in this case the info seems to almost exclusively come from the manufacturers themselves.