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New helmet, new rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by papakon, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I'm a new rider, i'm still looking for the right bike, anyway, just thought I'd ask about helmets. I've been to the bike shops tried all typs of helmets. My question is, what is more important, the safety features of the helmet or the comfort? I'm told that I'm a Shoei type head, very comfortable to wear (xr1000) but the Shark helmets not as comfortable are supposed to be the best on the market, but, are they really? I feel that most bike shops just want to sell you what ever they want to clear off the shelf and giving a loaded sales pitch type opinion. What experiences or advise do others have with helmets?

  2. I personally like the Shoei, better fit and quiet helmet compared to others I have had. It's really a $$$$ game, if you have the money go to the top of the range because then the inserts are all replaceable.

    Can't comment on shark, I wouldn't think they are the best on the market, but i do like the fact that this model has a washable lining.
    SHARK RSR REPLICA http://www.teammoto.com.au/xcart/product.php?productid=16869&cat=454&page=1
  3. I have always said buy the helmet that fits you head the best. If you have a Shoei head then a Shoei helmet it is. If it is another brand then buy that. In the end it is your head inside it.
    I personally always buy the one that feels the best on my nogging and has the nicest interior. Unfortunately for me that equates to an 800 dollar helmet.
    Happy hunting.
  4. Shark RSR Review

    If you are a Shoei head, go with Shoei then.. good helmet.
    I struggle to find a Shoei that fits me (being a Shark Head).
  5. Thanks for the feedback and links, interesting reading. Wondering on where is a good place to buy riding gear, I live in Melbourne and i'm after new helmet, obviously, jacket, etc. A lead in the right direction would be appreciated.

    Found my bike !! and got a great deal through the Classifieds section of Netrider (BIG THANKS !!! 'Go Team') now i'm the proud owner of a Honda VTR250 :grin:

    The seller had his riding gear for sale also, but it wouldn't fit me. Excellent gear if anyone is interested, the stuff is virtually brand new. check out the link below.

  6. I've found M2R to be particularly good, Dririder seemed like good gear at a reasonable price. You do generally get what you pay for, so the price range is up to you.

    For shopping, I'd suggest trying all the gear on you like, and then buying it off the internet if you can find it a bit cheaper
  7. Oh. I've got a bunch of old gear (but good) for sale if you want it at a dirt cheap price. Let me know.
  8. papakon, depeding on what gears or brand you are after.. there are a few good shops around in melbourne..

    Bikemart Ringwood is a good place to start, NR members get 10% discount. A1 and Peter Stevens are just around the corner...

    A lot of dealers carry some good stuff as well..

    City - Elizabeth St has a few shops as well.. PS, Yamaha etc.

    hope this help..
  9. Papakon, go for a run through Ringwood like Cash suggested and have a look at Metro Honda as well. They had a widish range when I went there and Glenn is the man to see about gear or whatever else.
  10. Nice buy on the bike!!

    Search is your friend Helmets Link but yeah I don't really want to wade through 20 pages of results. I have an XR1000 and love it. I also like the fact that cash is jealous and wishes he had a shoei head. :p

    I have heard people who own Shark helmets and hate the noise factor. pop in a pair of earplugs and problem solved. You get to keep your hearing too which is a bonus. Another Link

    Remember all you read here is others opinions on their experience. The decision is up to you. I'd encourage you to get the one that fits best within your price bracket. Other problems like venting, fogging, noise seem to have accessories to defeat them (to some extent). But the only way to fix a helmet that don't fit right is to get a new helmet.

    Oh yes I recommend both Ringwood Bikemart and Metro Honda. They seem to be more about the keeping the customer than about getting the sale. Peter Stevens has a good range, great for trying stuff on and then order from the net. :grin:

    Welcome to NR btw.
    Happpy Riding!!
  11. Thanks to all, some real good advise and links to follow, i'll let you all know how i go, i'm off to shop till i drop !!!!!!! :)
  12. +1

    I just bought a new Shoei XR1000 a couple of days ago, pretty happy with the fittings and very comfortable. Highly recommended! :) :wink:
  13. Get a Shoei if they fit you good. They offer better peripheral vision than Shark do.
  14. Well I got the main stuff I need, Gloves, Helmet (XR1000 -Relic), Ixon- Mystic Leather Jacket and RJays back protector. Got a good deal from Cameron at Bikemart Ringwood. The helmet I bought from Peter Stevens Dandenong, REGRET :( really not happy with the service from these guys, they would make great politicians cause they're so full of shit !!

    I rang to ask for a particular size (L) and if they could hold it for me. When I got there the assistant grabs the one off the shelf, I tried to argue the fact that they had one set aside for me NEW IN A F-----G BOX ! hey, for near $800 ($769) I want to follow them out the back and make sure IS !! The story that was fed to me was, "mate, not 10min ago a guy just came in and bought the last one", and the one on the shelf was just taken out of a box just before I walked in :!: After a little hesitation and examination of the helmet i parted with my cash (STUPID !!) The guy grabbed Shoei cloth bag from under the counter, went out the back and grabbed an empty Shoei box which later I noticed wasn't even for the same model helmet, all that was in it was the instructions on fitting a visor, that's it !!

    Can anyone that is not as stupid as me, who has bought the XR1000 let me know what they got with it?

    If you want good customer service advise and the right price?
    Go somewhere else !!!
  15. papakon - I just bought the exact same helmet, still waiting for it to arrive at the shop for pickup though. $700 even including a tinted visor as well.

    Will let you know whats in the box when i get it if no one else has told you by then. :)

  16. I paid $600 for my Shoei XR1000 (they offer 20% of all Shoei Helmets) which I think was a pretty deal :grin:

    Mine came with a instruction manual, 2 x Shoei stickers, mainteanance guide and a shoei helmet bag.

  17. I may not be not as stupid as you...
    I bought the one off the shelf didn't even get a box. got a cloth bag, instuctions to change visor and 2 stickers :woot:

    I did save a $100 odd and am happy as a pig in proverbial... paid $615 6 months ago... thinking about it... $700 with a tinted visor is tops bargain. I ended up spending that hungie on a visor. :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Thanks dude, let me know what you get, I'd be interested to know.