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New Helmet Advice...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Indiana, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Ahhhhh Fudge this Helmet stuff is doing my head in! (LOL LOL LOL)

    Should i be spending upwards of $500 on a Shoei/Shark/Arai, or going for one of the cheaper options? There are some brands unknown to me floating around on ebay for excellent prices!

    Who makes the best helmet for the best price?????
  2. Rule no1 ... dont buy a helmet unless u try it on first.

    Sorry but no way in hell would I be purchasing helmets off ebay
  3. Ditto the above - try on as many as u can - Spend as much as u can - buy firm.

    Shoei rock!!!!!!
  4. they all meet snell/dot/adr regs. get what fits your head best.

    consider good ventilation, removeable liner.

    personaly Nolan N61 fits my bonce
  5. i scored a suomy replica for $350 brand new from a dealer... (rrp$700 +)
    just shop around dude... but not on Ebay
  6. I bought one of the KBC VR-1's for $199 on special (50% off). its not one of the "in" brands, but is way comfie with removable cheek inserts, Snell and DOT approved etc.
  7. I bought a nitro helmet $225 nothing flash just a good fit helmet I have no complaints trued as many as I could and they all felt similar to me.
    But its true what the others said try them on and don't buy from ebay (i wouldn't)
  8. Depends on what kind of person you are.
    I bought a KBC VR-1, and it was good, but I wanted something that says "me" a little more and got a Shoei, I'm picking it up tonight.
    (Yeah.. so I'm a little superficial, but that's kewl.)

    What I'd reccomend is a helmet in the range of $200~$400, you can't go wrong with them.
    Some of the better brands in my opinion are:
    HJC and KBE. The rest are higher quality brands.
  9. I tried shoei and a few others brands on and they did not fit as well as KBC or AGV. I ended up with a KBC VR-2.
  10. Most brands of helmets fit differently, so you'll definitely need to go and try them on.

    AGV doesn't fit my head well, Shark does, so I stick with them now. You can pick up some Shark models for $2-300.
  11. I'd recommend what fits best, and what feels good. If that's a $250 helmet, go for it. If its a $700 helmet and you're willing to spend that, go for it. Just make sure it fits, passes all the tests it needs to pass and makes your head feel safe :) If you're willing to pay the big money if you find one that you like and that fits properly, then you've got nothing to lose no matter what you go for. Once you find the model that feels good, go design shopping :)
  12. I don't go out and buy a brand name. I just go and buy one that fits my noggin. I like them firm with no high pressure areas. When done up your skin should move with the helmet, otherwise it's going to bounce all over your head when your riding.
  13. I got myself an AVG helmet over the weekend (I dont have a bike just yet), and noticed something when i got home. There's nothing wrong with the helmet as such, but i found it to be a tad heavy. I was moving my head left to right, and it feels as though i'm prone to some serious whip lashing if i did fall off.

    I'm sure all helemts are like this, and i wanted to see if you guys had the same issue: that is, does it feel like your going to snap your neck when you are tilting it back and forth, and side to side?
  14. No and chances are that if the worst should happen, you will probably be tensed up and it won't be an issue. Depending on what type of jacket you have or intend to have, you may get more neck/shoulder support as well.

    Wear the helmet every now and then until you get a bike so it molds to your head shape and you get used to having it on.
  15. what's wrong with trying a stack hat in a shop and ordering it off ebay or a website? as kramer says "retail is for chumps."
  16. Nolan N61 here too. IF it fits your head, they have great ergonomics, an excellent adjustable ventilation system, very good anti fog vent, and are very quiet on a naked bike. Any tourer with a big screen will make it noisier due to turbulence, but any helmet wil do that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. If you order from a online store, than thats fine, if you order of ebay and someone claims that its brand new, how do you know that it is? Maybe the seller purchased it at a store and accidentally dropped it. How would you know that the helmet has not had any internal damage?
  18. Skeeo is absolutely correct; anyone who buys a helmet without trying it on is nuts. Leaving aside the safety issue (is the on-line seller telling the truth?) who's to say your ever going to get exactly what you pay for, even if the model and brand is the same? Tried buying a Gucci wallet lately???
  19. I bought a brand new Shoei helmet on ebay. The seller described it as an X-11 but when I got it by post, it was a Z-11, still a Shoei but a cheaper model. Although it was the correct size for me.

    I will still buy on ebay, but only if it is brand new and I can pick it up myself. This way I can check the item first before handing my hard-earned dollars.
  20. I find it hard to believe that people simply do not understand the fact that you cannot check if a helmet has been dropped.

    oh wells, enough of my ranting, each to there own..