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New Hello from Tiaro

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kerry Pleml, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Hello to everyone
    Just bought an S40 for my return to motorcycling after a break of a couple of years and am hoping that I'm not too old for this. There are some really BAD drivers on the road as you'd know. Looking forward to hooking up with some relaxed bikers for some weekend rides.

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  2. Welcome Kerry, Never too old. :) There are lots of returning riders on the forum. Hopefully you will find some locals to ride with.
  3. Thank you so much Chris.
  4. Thank you so much Goldenberri. Looking to make new contacts.
  5. Hi Kerry PlemlKerry Pleml Tiaro is a nice part of the world been through that way a few times but not for a long while. Mate your never to old enjoy it all again. Never know may catch up one day
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  6. Kerry PlemlKerry Pleml welcome back to the wonder of bikes!
    Never ever too old ... :)
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  7. G'day KerryKerry, welcome to Netrider.

    As ChrisChris said, there's no such thing as too old!

    There are quite a few idiots on the road where I live too; it seems they're everywhere. I enjoy the back roads even more as a result!
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  8. Welcome to NR
  9. Where is Tiaro?

    Welcome to the forummm
  10. i had to google it to, sad as i've most likely been through there a few dozen times :s

  11. Wow!! Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes. I'll look forward to catching up with other riders around the traps. I might have to rejoin Ulysses and get some miles on the new tires. Company might be the safest way to start back again for this old girl! LOL!
  12. Hi back at your Uncle Greg!! =D
  13. welcome aboard :]
  14. Welcome to Netrider Kerry....you are never too old for riding as I have recently discovered :)
  15. that's what his missus says

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