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New Harley Ad on TV

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CFVFR, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Saw the Tv advertising for the new Iron Harley, must say it looks ok. Could be on a good thing, who knows?

    On the other hand, the riders in the add were not wearing any protection (helmet only)
    Yes I know its all filmed in 'controlled conditions' but surely they ought to be promoting rider protective gear awareness?
    Slap in the face for all those atgatt billboards and messy accident ads you see from the TAC

    Oh year, thats right. Harley owners dont stack...silly me
  2. I'm struggling to understand where the 883 fits; it seems to be a market niche that is price-determined, not performance-determined. I mean, if you're going to buy a Harley, why WOULDN'T you buy a 1200???
  3. Hardleys are about pretending:

    Pretending you're cool
    Pretending you're tough
    Pretending you have performance.

    Why spoil pretend time by having full gear in the ads? :)
  4. Younger audience, their current customers are dying from old age :D. Now I would entertain a 883 with a Roland Sands Design Cafe Racer kit... or maybe it's just her that I want?

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  5. Still couldn't get me to ride one!
  6. It is an entry level price fit, but having said that a mildly modded 883 goes well and one with a 1200 kit goes way better than a 1200!

  7. The difference between the girl and the bike is that I only want to get on one of 'em.
  8. Just saw the ad. I would be happy to take an 883 if it was given to me... and I wouldn't even sell it!
  9. It could be a good thing for the mandatory gear campaign that TAC is pushing. If they are trying to enforce wearing of gear by common law, this add goes completely against what they are trying to push by saying no gear is completely normal and acceptable. Perhaps all bike adds should do the same. Let the rider decide.
  10. Man, that Sportster under me, I'm dreamin' of it - wind flowing over whatever gear I decide to wear; a bullet-proof engine that can have the head worked or gear box replaced with the rest in situ; rhythm in the step, slow and low; so modifiable; and who gives a damn what others think.
  11. That ad always reminds me of the local harley rider that drag races in his boxer shorts :LOL:
  12. the sportsters are damn nice bikes
  13. Greeings all :butt:

    i looked one over at PS last week, just out of curiosity, because i happenned to be there for other reasons....definately looks like it was built to a price, a bit tinny/plasticy...and it's very small, ergonomically small too, like small rider triangle...someone test rode one while i was there too...one thing of interest is where the pegs are located, not forward like other cruisers, but just a more normal rider triangle...another thing stood out intitial impression, being the tank...it's a bit wtf, like does it hold what 2-3 litres?...surely you need more fuel to make all that noise, being that's the primary function of the 883 donk> produce noise...i think you get 30 odd kilowats as a bi-product though (huh?...killer wasps??:tantrum:)
    the pipes have to go!...seriously no matter how much you liked the bike, those pipes sound really really bad...i mean it has that off beat harley sound, which is great...but wtf is that whiney wheasy crap comming out of the pipes...i mean it's so bad that you would'nt want to ride the bike until you'd replaced the pipes...so you just have to factor that into your initial purchase price.

    it looks like it's built/designed purposely for a first bike...would be very easy to ride, totally idiot proof actually...where that fits in the market here who knows...because if you'd allready been riding current lams bikes, you'd be wanting for more power/performance...it's like a bike that's designed to be fun for about an hour, then the novelty would wear of, and you'd get out your wallet to improve it's shortcommings...but that's how the Harley marketing machine works...aftermarket upgrading is their bread and butter.
    what you could do of course, is just spend an extra 4 grand at the outset and just get the 1200 nightster and have what you'd want to turn the 883 iron into...
    or... would you be missing out on the fun of upgrading/modding your individual 883iron.

    i actually think it would make a great work hack/daily rider that you could just park outside and not have to worry about too much...not even worry about keeping it clean, because of the blacked out theme, instead of tons of chrome ... plus harleys cut through slow traffic very well for obvious reasons...so if you wanted a rat bike look and don't really care about birds shitting on it and stuff, just parking it anywhere...well, what the hell, it's a heap of shit anyway.

    bottom line is, it'd be a love/hate relationship....but, yeah i'd have one too haha ...they're just so ****ing cool...got you're little low drag bars and your bum about a foot of the ground haha...fun bike.
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  15. I'd say its an American ad hence the lack of good protective headgear. Actually, I'm surprised that Harley have the need to advertise, maybe business isnt booming as it once was? As for the 883, I rode one (883 Low) during my licence upgrade to R (Open) last year, they had to get it in especially for me since I am such a shorty, but having ridden one, know I'd rather my Yamaha any day. (but glad I did get to try one out just to see.....)
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    thats different to the 1 ive seen on tv
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    Harley riders have enough trouble grappling the idea of wearing a helmet in the states.. let alone protective clothing.

    This is the one that I have see on the box. As far as motorcycle commercials go, I quite like it. The music fits and the cinemaphotography is great. Who really gives a shit if he is not wearing protective clothing. People with sense will wear it.

  18. Definitely filmed in the States, using a US spec bike. Aus market ones will have some horrible, legally mandated mish-mash of a rear end.

    Whether or not open face lids are good protective headgear is a matter of opinion. I'll agree that they're probably sub optimal but would argue that they are adequate. I've known an awful lot of hugely experienced, high mileage riders who've never worn anything else and still have all their facial features, so let's leave that one out.

    Protective gear in general is still a matter of personal choice, pretty much everywhere. I'm happy to keep it that way and am equally happy to see it implicitly acknowledged.

    Sportsters certainly are physically small, but the basic shape originated in the early '50s when bikes were physically small. I rode (someone else's) 500 Triumph, a bike from the same era, for a while and, at 6'2" and 90kg, resembled a performing bear on a moped.

    Finally, the Evo engined 883s have always been sold at artificially low prices as a deliberate marketing ploy. I doubt if there's much profit for factory or dealers on an individual bike. The profit comes from selling and fitting all the Screamin Eagle bits (carb, air cleaner, pipes) to make the thing work properly.

    Oh yeah, and those aren't bloody drag bars.
  19. For a Harley I quite like it but it's not loud enough.
  20. I don't see why. Some people like mid-weight bikes - I do. A decade's riding and I'm quite happy on my (400cc) SR500 - there's nothing I love more than touring on it, in fact. Same with the Suzi GR650. The "bigger is necessary" mentality is simply that - a mentality. I had one of the PS Harley guys explain to me that I can't tour two-up on an 883 - it's too small. Not sure what I've been doing with the SR then! Neither am I sure what people did before the age of litre bikes! (I guess they didn't ride - which would make sense, given the lack of what's now defined as atgatt, without which one is apparently a fool).