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new handle

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sez, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. any ideas where i can get a new front brake handle thing?
    dropped my bike and snapped it.. lost about 2cms off the end bit pissed off with it.. i was just about to jump on it and not sure what happened really but it fell over.
    also any hints to help me get it down my gravel driveway... its downhill slope and its got long divits and stuff where rain has washed it away

  2. you can get a brake lever at most bike wreckers :)
    as for your driveway.... slow and steady.
  3. cheers caz, are the brake leavers easy to change? i wanna do it before dad notices that its snapped
  4. c'mon you Netrider guys, where's a Knight in shining armour when you need one?
  5. i think id prefer the female version of a knight in armour... whats that a princess stuck in a castle... hrmm im thinking more of a female knight i think to come resuce me lol. would be nice to have a mentor to help me around.. ill look into that thread i think see if anyones keen.

    btw dad noticed the snapped leaver as soon as he came home.. not sure why he went to look at my bike but he noticed it.
  6. any wreckers will have
    or you can just buy brand new not much

    if its anything like mine undo one bolt replace it and tighten it up again
  7. Firm grip on handlebars, first gear, rear brake - don't grab front brake, lightly apply if you are still moving too fast but ensure handlebars pointed straight ahead.
  8. Get a new brake lever from any bike shop with a spares department. Peter stevens have loads, for example.

    Where are ya in Melbourne, if you're not too far from the city I'm happy to come show you how to replace a lever. I'm not a female but I'm the next best thing.

    Drop me a line on 0418 219 330 if you like, I've got a bit of time tonight.