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New Guzzi Tourer video

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JohnG., Jun 30, 2006.

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  2. just looks like any other barge tourer.

  3. Theres a base model..the 'T'
    which has no lower fairing or panniers
  4. From the noise it certainly sounds like a Guzzi. :LOL:

    For the price involved I'd stick with the BMW tourers myself.

    Old time Guzzi riders will tell you that Guzzi has lost it's way.

    Where's the style of bikes like the old Le man's 650 and 1000?

    Or the Mark II?

    People bought Guzzi's because they were something different, they had class and style and character.

    Now it's the Japanese coming out with bikes that look radically different, I guess the wheel has turned full circle.
  5. I'd say that bike is something different, Jaqhama - those headlights are frightful! Think I'd prefer a Sprint. :p
  6. I must say I think Triumph has a nice range of models.
    It won't surprise you to know that I like the America, the Speedmaster and the Bonneville's and Thruxton myself.

    The big tourers all look pretty much the same to me.
  7. I agree,BMWs are more adjustable and probably have more value-added bits...
    Piaggio(which does everything from Aerospace to Vespas) owns Guzzi now,and I guess they want them to be a little more mainstream and profitable...I believe the factory has doubled production of late...with more models,including the Stelvio 1200 Adventurer to follow...
    They still have the California Vintage...looks like the ol' cali on the outside,new Breva 1100 bits on the inside.
    I admit to buying my '98 California EV because they were something different...and being a little dissappointed with a recent Breva 1100 testride, despite the sweet handling & comfy ride...
    Btw,Theres always an ol' bloke at Bungendore (NSW) named Pete Roper who does up old(pre 1990) Guzzis...hes always got work & one or two for sale.0417462440.
  8. ...And now made in Thailand! :LOL:
    ..actually very good bussiness sense...
  9. You need to re-evaluate the made in Thailand assumption mate.
    I knew about this months ago.
    Every bike company in the world gets parts made in either Japan or Thailand or China.
    EVERY mainstream motorcycle company.
  10. Dont get me wrong...its very good bussiness sense these days...all our Aussie car manufacturers source parts from there.Aust is basically just their assembly plant,for now...but,its amusing watching some go into 'rant-mode' about it and how 'wrong' it is for Aust...
    But,I dont know about every motocycle company...a lot of bits in Guzzis & BMWs comes from Eastern Europe...