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New guy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stan, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Have joined your fourm so i can further enjoy my motorcycling. Have been riding for about 20 years and love it. i don't have a car so i get to enjoy my riding every day. The only problem i have is not enough people to ride with. As all my friends get a little older, they trade in the bikes for a station wagon.

    I have checked out the disscussion boards and have a heap of reading to do


  2. Welcome to this little corner of the web. Seems they're quite a friendly bunch around here!
  3. Welcome mate, don't think you'll have any trouble finding people willing to join you for a ride around here.
  4. Welcome Stan. Check out the calendar section. There are always rides posted up there, which you are welcome to come along to. :)
  5. Gday nub

    Cheers :cool:
  6. g'day and welcome to the forum, havent been on a netrider ride yet but will soon
  7. Stan, Stan, He's our man,
    If he can't do it, no-one will. :grin:

    Hi Stan. :)
  8. Hi there Stan, welcome. They're a friendly bunch here, and some of them can even ride a bit.
  9. Hi stan! Nice to see you got yourself an awesome bike. :grin: :grin: :LOL:
    If you get a chance i'd highly recommend dropping in on a coffee night to meet and greet with some of the usuals on the forums - then mosey along to a ride or two.

    You'd be the third FZR1000 that i know of around Melbourne.

    PS. Don't spose you've got a spare fuel sender unit?! My damn reserve switch is useless until i get a replacement.
  10. Hi stan :)

    Now you have joined up you'll have plenty of people to ride with :)
  11. Hi and Welcome Stan,

    First thing I though of :grin: :grin:
  12. Sure it was. :roll: :LOL: :LOL:

    Shouldn't you be working. :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. hey stan
    welcome to our little forum
    hope to see u on a ride soon bud
  14. Thanks all,

    was all set to join this fourm once before but it disapeared?

    Will be keen to go for a ride, just as soon as the little matter of the broken collor bone has healed, i'm still about three or four weeks away.
    But then again, thats what i said three or four weeks ago.


  15. Howdy Stan!

    Welcome to the forums! :grin:
  16. Hi Stan!! I just joined too :)