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New guy with an old bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vtecing, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, my name is Joshua and I just recently purchased an MC19 CBR250R. I only just got my L's last week and having my first lesson tomorrow on my own bike (my friend is teaching me). I plan on getting certification through HART in Brisbane. How much experience do you think I will need before attending the HART course? I heard noobs and people who have never ridden before can pass if they are deemed competent. I have over 8 years driving experience on the road already.

    Anyway, here is what you came for, the photos!



    The pictures do it too much justice lol. It has quite a few imperfections and I plan on restoring it slightly so its a nice bike again. I picked it up for $1900 with rego so i'm pretty stoked about that :)

    As far as riding it goes, its just for local transport as I hardly use my car any more and bike seems like a good idea instead. I dont plan on taking it to the track or even mountain runs as I'm only new to riding and value my life. What I really like to do in my spare time is race cars. If you have any interest in things with four wheels check out our website www.theheartofracing.com

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  2. welcome to nr and the joy of two wheels, nice bike by the way.
  3. That is a venerable classic. - Many a motorcyclist started their riding days on a CBR250R/RR.
  4. First of all welcome to NR!!

    Nice lookin bike there, as for the training with HART in Brisbane, I can definitely recommend them as they are excellent trainers having done the two day QRide course with them recently.

    You wont need too much experience on a bike in order to pass the QRide course as everything is covered in the two days, although it would obviously help if you had some experience.

    Another good thing about HART is that the pricing is capped so if for some reason you don't pass first time, you don't have to pay for the whole course again.

    As I said the guys up there are very patient and understanding not to mention very experienced, when I did mine a girl decided to jump the bike into the boundary fence off of a corner and the guys didn't even bat an eyelid, all they were worried about was that she was ok.

    I hadn't been on a bike in many years, and managed to pass ok.

    Feel free to PM if you have any more questions.


  5. Welcome! What side of Brizzy are you?

    Sick bike. :) I really like those old CBR250s. Wish I had one!

    I did my test with zero prior riding experience... they said "If you can ride a pushbike you'll be fine" - well that was my first worry! :/ I can, but not well! I came back for two more days to get some more confidence before tackling my road ride. Capped at $600. Not HART, but yeah.

  6. Wow, that is the cleanest MC19 i've seen...ever
  7. Did my 2 day course through Stay Upright. Most people passed even if they hadn't had any time on a bike. I'd highly recommend them.
  8. Hey Joshua, your photos are taking an AGE to load, are they super-hi-res or something?

    I agree with whitey; that's an obscenely clean MC19 :LOL:
  9. Booked in to do Q ride at yamaha in kunda park on thursday. Wish me luck.

    And heres some photos for those that still think my bike is mint.











    I will try and get some 'after' photos once I start refurbishing things.
  10. Vtec, 6 pics max mate. Please convert some to links.
  11. Should always keep helmet on the floor or flat surface...

    Welcome buddy!
  12. I didnt have much riding experience at all and i managed to pass my Qride course in one day. Its not all the hard if you have a lil bit of experience. Enjoy the bike, i just got an mc19 as well and there a hell of a lot of fun.
  13. Hey guys, did Q Ride yesterday and got my RE open license. Woo! I did a bit of a write up on another forum to help those looking at doing Q Ride. Here it is for anyone interested.

    Hey guys, I did my Q ride course today and just wanted to do a write up for those thinking about doing it, as there was certain information I couldnt find on the internet and thought I would provide it with you.


    I did my course through 'Queensland Motorcycle School' http://www.queenslandmotorcycleschool.com.au/ They are located on the sunshine coast Kunda Park. The instructor's name is Mark. He is a great teachers with many years of riding experience including road racing at Phillip Island. The bikes we used were Honda CB250s, pretty easy bike to ride. This course was not designed at teaching newbies. It was more suited to those that had a good idea how to ride and had some experience. I had a couple private lessons with my friend and his dad and the other guys had all ridden dirt bikes before and we all passed ok.

    We started the day by filling out some paper work and then watched a video for about half an hour. Then Mark took us through a slide presentation and asked questions and explained things along the way including riding gear and road positioning etc... We then went out side and geared up. Mark showed us the bikes and we got started. The first thing we needed to do was to take off slowly and move about 10 metres then stop. This was just so Mark could see we had a rough idea of the basics before we headed out onto the public road.

    We headed from the shop to the big pineapple car park. Once here we did a few small tests with short courses made by 'half tennis balls'. The first was to ride at a walking pace along a narrow line. This is achieved by maintaining slight throttle and controlling your speed with the rear brake and feathering the clutch. Then we did the figure 8. The main idea here is to maintain slight throttle and control speed with the rear brake and continuously maintain eye contact with the centre of the circle. Then we moved on to the slalom followed by an emergency countersteer. The idea here was to pick up speed (about 50-60km) and drive towards Mark, then Mark would point either left or right and we had to dart in that direction. Then there was the emergency brake. Pick up speed again and head towards Mark. He would lift up his hand and we had to stop as fast as we could by grabbing the clutch first, then the rear brake and then squeezing the front brake with all four fingers.

    After this we went for our ride. The most important thing the instructor was looking for here was to make sure that you always cancelled your indicator and also followed the correct line on the road (you will learn all about this in the slide show presentation).

    Here is a map of our route so that you can practice it and get familiar with the road.


    Then take your Q Ride competency certificate to the transport department and get your bike license!

    The funny thing is, my wife and I took the track car for a drive through that road last week (very sweet road) and she said "You better not be planning to ride your bike on this road" Bahaha!
    Now I just need to get my bike up here from Brisbane, still dont like riding above 80km/h.
  14. Vtec, there are five of you in the pic. Did the one instructor follow all five of you over the 37km road trip?
  15. You went on the road on your Learners course!!! Freak me. Thankfully we stick to carparks here in NSW or I would have killed myself and possibly others.
  16. Welcome

    Nice work, sound like the learners course was great!

    As for staying off the track and mountain runs... I'll ask you in a few months if you have reconsidered.
  17. That is just a generic photo off the website, but yes, there was five of us and at first he was in front for a while and then followed us.

    I have a track car for that... ;)

    And I got the bike back home from brisbane, what a ride...
  18. Congrat's! Welcome to the world of two wheels. :D