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New guy with an MT-07

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Braddock, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I signed up a little while ago, but first time posting now. My name is Paul, new rider at 39 years of age, still on my L's and bought an MT-07 for my first bike.

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  2. G'day PaulPaul and welcome to NR - I'm another new rider in my late thirties, now waiting out the twelve-month red P-plate restriction. The MT-07 sure is a great LAMS bike and popular too - I nearly bought one myself.
  3. welcome aboard :] congrats on the Ls & your bike post some pics when you can
  4. Welcome to Netrider, Paul.
    Have fun and best of luck with the learning curve
  5. Wlecome to NR - nice choice of bike
  6. Thanks guys, I guess you bought an XJ6N? How is it?

    Here's a photo of my bike, a little more naked than usual. I was installing a Mustard Bikes tail today today... All went well until I shorted out the number plate, park and brake light. I've posted a thread in trouble shooting.
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  7. Can't seem to find a way to attach images... Better read the FAQ section...
  8. It's a great bike too. I think it is hard to be disappointed with any of the LAMS bikes nowadays.

    At the bottom of the new post field there is an Upload a File button next to the Post Reply button - new members may not have access to this for the first few posts they make or until other members rate their posts.
  9. Welcome Paul, There are a few functions on the site you won't have access to while your account is "Newcomer" status. Uploading images is one of those along with posting to some forums and Private Messages to other members. As you post and interact with the site your account will upgrade to member and that will give you greater access.

    In the meantime you can host your images on another site and link to your posts.
  10. thanks guys, I'll put up some images later then. Also, my ipad doesn't have all the buttons I see here on my workstation.

  11. Yes the mobile version of the site is a bit cut down because of the smaller display. Tablets fall into the mobile class so get this cut down version. I am not sure but you may be able to force your browser to the full version of the site. I will check with the site admin.
  12. It's not a problem, I'm on computer most of the time. Thanks.
  13. Welcome to NR. I can't help with the newer bikes. My newest bike was made in 1995.
  14. I like older bikes too... there's a few I'd like to own. The MT-07 is a great first bike, fun to ride... not sure the style is quite what I want long term. mt_braddock_02.
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  15. Welcome to NR