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New guy to the black top. Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KustomCandy, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Hi guys.

    Names Dan. Living on the lower part of the Vic Peninsula for the last few years now. Thought I'd sign up here and get a head start, maybe head out with others at some point for a cruze about or what not.
    New to the two wheels on the Tarmac scene, But not that new to Bikes. I've ridden and owned a few (not that many really) Dirt bikes over the years and still get my kicks from a 510 Husky these days when I feel like exercise haha.
    Always had an interest in Classic or old style bikes (along with cars/rods).
    Anything Chopped/ Bobbed or Hand built, I'm into.

    Have my "L's" booked in. And I'm looking into the 650 VStar for getting my feet wet. Seeing as I can Pinstripe/ Airbrush, Swing a spanner and wield a Mig torch. I cant see it taking to long before this ride gets a touch up :)


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  2. Welcome to Netrider and good luck
  3. Welcome to NR...

    Come on down to the Saturday Learner sessions (Elwood) one of these days.

    An Yeh, the XVS 650 rocks. ;)
  4. Welcome to Netrider! :)
  5. Thanks, Man.

    I'll be down at the Hastings training center on a Sat morning. Pretty keen to get legal.
    Yeah, They get a good rap, Should be a good platform to get me by. Cause, I wasn't keen on getting my 6' frame over a 250 lol. (tho I have seen guys much bigger the I do so)
  6. Haha.....im 6 foot 4 and too many more kilos to count. But its still fun
  7. Howdy KustomCandyKustomCandy and welcome to NR. With those skills, it should be a pretty sweet ride after you've finished with it, so don't forget to post some photo's. :happy:
  8. Haha, Jeez mate, I'd ask how you manage to wrap your self around that little thing. But You must do ok by the sounds. Reminds me of a guy I once met years ago in Adelaide. He was a tall dude himself, said he liked the 250s cause he could scoot up and down the Adelaide hills Main Roads. I could just picture him going through the 'Devils elbow' (A pretty radical hairpin) lol.

    Hi Goldenberri, Thank you. I will be doing just that. Seems a few guys on here have gone down this road, So I should blend right in :)

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  9. welcome aboard :) good luck for your Ls looking forward to seeing your ride and the mods you make
  10. Welcome Dan,
  11. I'm guessing you'll stand head and shoulders above the crowd.
    Welcome mate.

    And RussellDPRussellDP, how do you do it on what is probably such a small bike for you?
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys.


    Fin brush.

    fin brush ls.
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  13. Body wise the old Hyosung has a decent size, so its physically not too much of an issue. Performance wise, its not super quick, and never will be, but I had a choice when I bought this bike of either getting onto something back in September, or sit and wait, until I had saved more money. I decided it was best to get on the road and start learning how to ride on the old beast, and get everything out of it that I can

    I have always figured that this bike will do me up to a point, and that I would then look at upgrading. I figured that point was about one year into my P's restriction, so ride they Hyo until about December this year and then get onto something at the top end of the LAMS approved bikes, so MT07, perhaps a Street Triple? Not really sure yet. Love the look and the specs of the Triumph, but the price is less attractive. I am a long way from deciding the next bike though and still haven't put my ass on one
  14. Test passed.
    Bikes been sourced. I found a Stolen an Recovered, 09 vxs650 'Custom' going for a fair deal.
    Its been interesting getting this far already.. I'll add a Build thread later.

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  15. Congrats on passing and your new ride Dan! :)
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  16. Thanks Mate. Getting closer. :)

  17. Their she is. Set of Pipes and a ignition barrel, Paint blemish from locking fuel cap busted off. And we should be right to go.
    So this'll be what I'll be working from :)

    vstar home2.

    vstar home.

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  18. Welcome Dan!

    Congratulations on you passing the test and also for those sweet pictures of the bike you posted! AND also the airbrushed helmet, looks awesome!
  19. Thanks for the words Kiwink.

    Hopefully be on the road real soon.