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New guy to the bike scene! Some Q's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LM, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Hi, I'm considering getting rid of my turbo rx7 and getting myself a bike. I'm doing heaps of research regarding general safety, safety gear costs, maintenance cost ect.

    Also I've been reading up on what sort of bike I should get, through my searching in this site I'm leaning more towards a Honda CBR250RR I have around 5,000 or so to spend.
    Is there any other bikes I should be looking at???
    Definatley after bang for your buck.

    Can anyone provide me with Honda CBR250RR bike reviews, specs 1/4 times ect. And maybe a couple of reviews with similar sort of bikes.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Well if you want value for money the cbr is definitly not it. It is one of the better performing ones but all 250's are pretty piss weak. You will be getting off it as soon as you can so don't worry too much about your choice.
    A secondhand GPX250 definitly fits in there and is fantastic value for money
    zzr is a bit more expensive and you can find them that low they have a few things that make them more expensive but arent quite as value for money as the gpx.

    Umm yeah i wont list them all make sure you search the forums there is plenty of this sort of talk and im sure other people will suggest things.
  3. You can find a hundred reviews of just about any bike you are interested in by typing something like...
    CBR 250 RR reviews into Yahoo or Google search. :cool:
  4. $5000 for a second hand GPX 250?

    I'm pretty sure this year Kawasaki is selling brand new ones for that price.
    Check at a Kawasaki dealers.
    I read it in Two wheels magazine a month ago.
  5. 1) They are $6600 inc. ORC
    2) I was quoting his limit. I know you can get them much cheaper.
  6. Honda CBR250RR (MC21) or CBR250R (MC19) are both decent...
    Yamaha FZR250 (2KR) or FZR250R/RR (3LN-1/3+)
    Kawasaki ZXR250 A or C

    They're pretty much your three options for 4-stroke inline-4 250cc wannabe 'sports' bikes. Aside from that, there is of course the 2-stroke option which certainly opens up a world more performance, but of course should not be considered lightly. They are quicker, more powerful, lighter, and a darn sight more dangerous in the wrong hands.
  7. Thanks for the replys. I'll continue my searching... :cool:
  8. good to see you've got your toes in the water before the plunge.

    Definetly get the best fitting safety gear you can but as for bike selection if you are set on a sport bike replica get a cbr/zxr/fzr/gsxr etc but my only concern with these is that on average they are 15 yrs old and many are advertised as late complaince while the build date is alot earlier.

    as recommended above there is alot of choice so keep looking and have fun
  9. buy a rat box 250 ............ keep ya rx7 turbo . if you like bikes do your time till you can get off p,s .. then flog ya car and look for something decent ... as comming out of an rx7 turbo .. your going to be mighty dissapointed in most any 250
  10. You should be able to pick up a good cbr250rr for low-mid 4000's and a cbr250r for low 3000's you just need to look around the private sales and not be tempted by fancy paint schemes and genuine 10000km odo's :roll: .

    All the 250 sports bikes are almost identical the only noticable differences (From what i've been told) is the suspension and brakes where you get some bikes that have it a bit better than others.
  11. +1

    waste of time getting hung up on the 250 decision. soon as your off it, you'll see what i mean :wink:
  12. dont worry too much about how good the 250 is. They are all slugs and dont go as fast as some people would like to think they do. Get yourself what you are most comfy on and then when its time put your efforts in to your upgrade..
  13. Well by now you've realised that for every question there is just way too many answers....... so to confuse you even more, I will chuck in my 2 bobs worth.

    A good forgiving bike is the ZZR250, no rocket ship, but not too many 250's are...... if you like the sound of motors scream'n (you being an RX7 owner) then the CBR250RR or RGV250 could be your thang. If you want something that looks too big to be a 250, but still has goodish performance (for a 250) have a look at the Hornet..

    You could consider the 250 Aprilla, now they can boogie, or you could do the wise thing and buy yourself a cheap 250 and use your money to buy what you really want later when your off restrictioins.

    That brand spankin new Kwaka green ZX10R..... :woot: :woot:
  14. Talking 1/4 mile times with a 250 is like talking 1/4 mile times with a gutless, normally aspirated 4 cylinder car.

    Understand what I mean?

    Get whatever you get for your restriction period - 18 months on Ls and Ps. Most importantly, get excellent gear. Full race leathers. Back protector. Boots. Gloves. Helmet. Buy your 250 temporary learn to ride bike with the change from your $5000. With that overall budget, a GPX250 might be the best bike to learn to scratch on. Spend about the same on the gear and the bike!

    Then, IN 18 MONTHS TIME, start worrying about High 11 to Low 10 second 1/4 mile times on 600s and 1000s. Real bikes that you need real skill to ride or you can really die. Fast.
  15. cbr250rr should cut the quarter in high 13 seconds so long as you dont weigh a real lot, most likely a 13.8 sort of time. Where as my 1984 cbx750f runs 12.1 at 112mph stock, do slightest mods and your running 11 seconds all day ;) And my bike cost me less than 2 grand :) If your rx7 turbo is stock then you will be content with 250rr for a little bit as it would most likely level or beat the rx7, if the rx7 is heavily modified ummmmmm you would probably chomp my bike and need an R1....hehe. Make sure you add into your budget for helmet,gloves,jacket with armor/padding inside, leather boots etc. As my uncle who rode for most of his life and now in his 80's says " dress for the slide, not for the ride" ;)
  16. With only $5K... buy the gear first... spend $1K - $2K on it... test ride as many 250's as you can... buy the cheapest RWC, Reg bike you like...


    when you leve your L's and move on to your restrictions THAN buy a Bling Bling CBR250RR for $5000+ if you don't smash it you will get your money back in a years time when you trade it in for a biger bike...
  17. Can't beat the 19,000RPM of the CBR...
  18. :roll: yes you can.....
  19. What bike revs harder?