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New guy on a cb250f Hornet

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Riley, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Hey all

    Thought id drop in and say hi, introduce myself and give a little background info. In short:

    - Im 25
    - From NSW Central Coast
    - Ride a Honda CB250f Hornet, its silver and sounds what id imagine Miranda Kerr's orgasm to sound like

    Im still on my L's and literally picked up my bike 3 days ago and have been riding it as much as possible since! Just dropped it for the first time from a standstill on my driveway, as it is up one of those rediculously steep gutters, on the side of an even more ridiculously steep hill with no visibility. Didnt give it enough gas and over it went! No damage whatsoever to the bike as it landed on my leg instead, and didnt even damage me (lesson learnt there!

    Absolutely loving my bike and riding in general. Very keen to improve my skills both ow speed and high speed and will be doing as many instructional days as possible
  2. As an old 600 Hornet rider, I can appreciate why and how much you love its little brother.
    Welcome to Netirder, too :).
  3. Hey mate, thanks for the welcome. The 250 and 600 have the same frame iirc, is that right? If so did you have any luggage added to your bike? Im looking for a top box to put helmet and jacket in when commuting or while im at the shops.
  4. welcome aboard :] & with that kind of imagination you're going to fit right in :wacky:
  5. You might be lucky to get one new but my 600 had a genuine Ventura rack. I'd try Ventura anyway, but also check eBay. Hondahornet.co.uk is the definitive source of all hornet information. It hasn't been updated for ages but the info there is accurate.
  6. Thanks mate. Too bad its pissing down here and i cant go ride!

    Ventura it is. As youre a moderator, im guessing you could tell me how to "rep" or thank people for their posts?
  7. Below Tools, bookmark quote and reply you should see seven little icons for like etc
  8. Welcome to NR.