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New guy, melbourne bayside

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bdp23, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    I'm salivating over cafe racers and nakeds and really gotta inject some relaxation into my lifestyle and find a distraction from work. I'm looking at getting my L's in a month or so, once the immediate craziness dies down a bit at work and I can take some time off.

    I'm in IT, work near the city, but only looking for something to trundle around on for a weekend breakfast and a run up and down Nepean Hwy, Beach Rd and down to Seaford & Mornington once in a while. It's time to make time to take time.

    Good ta meechas!

  2. no other it people on this site mate
    welcome anyway
  3. Welcome bdp23 - If you like Saturday Morning Practice happens behind the BP next to the Marina in StKilda/Elwood Even before you have a bike, if you have time drop in, and have a look at what others are riding and a chat to the guys and girls there. It has an enomous thread of its own in the Vi Ride Announcements section. Detail in the first post of that thread are valid.
  4. itchy trigger finger on this one! not surprising given your occupation.
    how many more posts before I can private message you and reveal my true identity?
  5. Chris, thanks for the invite, I drive past there most days on my way to work. I almost guarantee you'll be seeing me this week.
  6. LOL you think im a dishwasher dont you
    Chris can answer you question regards pm
  7. and me
  8. You should be OK to PM and get into the closed forums now bdp23bdp23 your banner is showing Member Status.
  9. HA HA just got your pm
    hope to catch up soon mate
  10. Welcome mate. As soon as you get a bike it'll make you make time to take time!
  11. Welcome to the forum bdp23bdp23..

    Elwood is an awesome place to ride around.. Saturday practice sessions are awesome, however for me they're an experience to say the least...

    Uncle GregUncle Greg has his after practice run. I can tell you from the 3kms that i rode on his last ride it was awesome... So they tell me... :)

    I hope you get your bike soon and discover as i did that it really is an awesome way to not only travel but to see the city.. :sneaky:

  12. ive known him for 20 od years lol
  13. welcome aboard :]
  14. Thanks Jeff,
    I lived in the hills for years, have barely ventured east of rowville for the last ~6 and looking forward to enjoying those roads properly, eventually.
  15. Oh wow! So much to enjoy....
  16. Chilli, tonnes to do and see. But for now, my sig should read:
    "Ass to Course to Permit to Bikeshop to Licence".
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