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New guy in Bendigo Victoria

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mrbign, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Hi All. Just making my presence known and hope to be around the forums a bit. Maybe I'll get in on some rides eventually. :cool:

    About me - I grew up on Ag bikes but that was years ago and I'd never ridden a road bike until I sat my Ls on a yamaha scorpio a few months ago (never ridden a trail bike either). I'm awaiting pickup of an 08 GS500F from Peter Stevens in Melbourne on the weekend (hopefully). I'm a little worried about getting it back to Bendigo (driving out of Melbourne) but hopefully I'll be alright. :?

    BTW: If anyone knows anything about oggy knobs for the GS500F let me know because there's only the cut ones and I'm a bit averse to damaging my shiny new bike. There's very little about them on the net and ozzy knobs in Melbourne don't make them for the F.

  2. Welcome mate !
  3. Welcome mrbign :moped:

  4. To hell with everyone, take your time - make sure you set your own pace and don't let some cager push you into going faster. Remember what you've learnt, especially the head checks on the twin lane roads.

    At least the Melbourne to Bendigo road has improved * 1000. Take it slowly and you'll be fine.
  5. Thanks for the advice but I'm whimpimg out :( and a friend is going to get it out onto the highway then I'll take over from him.

    It was Citylink that scared me most - too many lanes to keep an eye on until I'm a bit more skilled.
  6. I was the compete opposite - I loved riding in town, and hated the open road :)