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new guy in adelaide

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by kyle_13, May 13, 2008.

  1. hi all, i am new to the scooter scence....well i haven't actually got one yet but i have a couple in mind but i wanted some of your opinions.

    i have read through most of the scooters topics and its good to see so many people who know what they are tlaking about.

    Well basically i am going to just myself a 50cc scooter cos i am really sick of paying high fuel prices. but i dont want to go and get a motorcycle licence just yet as that is quite pricey. All i need to do is travel 10km to work and 10km back and maybe the odd occasional ride a mates house in gawler (20km)

    so besides me rambling i was looking a second hand

    Red Devil Scooter
    Bolwell Jolie

    and if i can get around to afford it a Bolwell Shark Scooter

    but most likely one of the other two.

    So basically has anyone got one and could i get some pros and cons on them.

    Thanks and i look forward to chattin to you guys

    Kyle :grin:
  2. hi kyle...

    ive got a red devil but ive ridden the jolie... stay away from the jolie - they are the cheapest model and tiny to boot - the devil has much larger wheels and rides ALOT better on the road...the jolie feels like it has pizza cutters for tyres you feel everything
  3. I would fear riding out to gawler on a 50cc scooter.
    What's the max speed on those things, like 65kph?
  4. yeah about 65km/h but i know all the back ways there so it wouldn't bother me to much but i would mainly be using to get from work and back and then the possblie trip to my girls house.

    I have thought about going for the bike licence but i have heard it is quite expensive. Does anyone know how much it cost to get a licence and how much ridersafe is?

    black666 - thanks for the info much appreciated
  5. Obtaining your motorbike license
    Basic course: $317.00
    Learners permit: $25.00
    Advanced course: $281.00

    You do the Basic course which is 2x 4 hour sessions and it entitles you to your L's if you pass.
    You can stay on your L's for as long as 9 months before either doing the Basic course again or doing your Advanced course.
    Once you've done the advanced course you are eligible for either a Restricted license (if you are on a full car license) or your motorcycle P's.
    It may seem expensive, but it's worth it.
  6. wow yeah it does seem a tad expensive, i have thought about it for a while.

    What do you meanh as a restricted licence if i have my full car licence?
    Do i not have to show p plates?

    Are there are person in adelaide that when i get my licence (or even before i go for my licence could give me some really good tips for when i go fo it) could give me some pointers?

    I think you may have convinced me to just go for the licence but will have to wait and see on funds.
  7. A restricted license is just like a full one with one concession, you can't ride a bike not under LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme).
    So you can take a pillion, drink to .05, do the posted speed limit, all that stuff.
    It's all in that link I posted above.
    It's really not that expensive when you start looking into your bike and gear costs. You might want to do that first.
  8. Here's a warning or two... dont get a little skoot if you are a big guy.
    Pay for and do the Courses - really important, you will actually make your money back in a year in savings anyway (if you stick to only doing the riding that you mentioned) but more importantly you are MORE likely to become addicted and ride far more than you ever imagined and you do NOT want to be doing that without GOOD training. Good training will also aid and abet your new found addiction so get really GOOD gear to wear too. You are in for a lot of fun .. enjoy and WELCOME :grin:
  9. Can I add as well that getting your licence is well worth it? The training is excellent, and it will open up your eyes to how to keep yourself alive on the road. It also opens up your options - I ended up getting my licence and buying a Honda Lead, which has more power to use among the traffic - helps keep me out of trouble.
  10. thanks heaps guys for the advice, i guess really i have to look into getting some $$$ together and perhaps maybe buying some gear to start me off.

    i am not a big guy either...5.5ft/65kg. so a little skoot was my option as i would just use it to get to work and back and perhaps little arins.

    i have never actually riddin a bike before so it would be a new thing...so before i go say for my learners are there any heads up i should know about.

    Thanks Heaps in advance
  11. Don't worry, the instructors are used to beginners turning up for the basic course who have never sat on one before.
    They'll take you through everything from getting on and off, starting and stopping the engine, how to turn, everything.
    When you leave the course, you should have the basic knowledge down pat, from there it's just about acquiring skill through practice.
  12. tips? what runs through my mind is that only 7 months ago I and my two friends had never been on two wheels either. Not more than 6 weeks after purchasing our first skoots.... me a 125 the others 100cc - we all wanted more cc's. it just didnt feel safe and sometimes just plain wasnt safe amongst traffic to be on less than 125cc. 2 out of 3 of us have gone up to 500ccs and 250cc. I lost a little money on resale of my skoot so soon but the rewards of being able to keep in with the traffic and escape it were worth it. It is hard to make these decisions so early in your riding practise but you are well on your way just by being part of this forum and asking questions and thinking.. Very Good luck to you!
  13. i have a red devil, my mum bought (but hardly used a jolie).

    she wants to sell her jolie now.

    I personally like my red devil much more because it looks better and the tyres are fatter feeling safer.

    You are also cramped if you are over 6" like me on a jolie, but the devil is fine.

    65 is about the top speed on both (im 80kg).

    both run without a hitch, i hear the chinese brands are unreliable, bolwell are apparently japanese and better build quality.
  14. IIRC Bolwell is a taiwanese brand. With most of the parts made in china.

    The technology are mostly copied honda engines of another era.

    or so i was told anyway...
  15. Flicking through the random shite pics on orsm.net today made me think of this thread.

    Don't follow this link if you ride a scooter or intend to keep down the contents of your stomach: link was here...

    On second thought, this is just too distasteful. My apologies.
  16. and the point of that was?
  17. scooter = underpowered machine of death.
  18. Oh I get it. Things like that just dont happen to Motorcycle riders..
    Never seen anything bad like that happen to a motorcyclist...
    Nah. Motorcycle = over powered machine of death.

    Dont you worry yourself too much about this stuff Mountaineer.. I have a 500cc skoot and a gxsr 1000 in my shed and I still have all my guts intact, just you ride carefully and you will remain intact too.

    Its not nice to scare off newbies like that.
  19. My apologies.
  20. Well Done Mountaineer, Thank you.