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New guy here!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DamusB, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Hi my name is Damus, I'm new!!!

    I am 28 from Parramatta Sydney, recently decided to get my L's and a bike (Suzuki Across) same bike as in avatar.
    I purchased the bike with the intention of upgrading/practicing and eventually one day doing track days to try get decent lap times.
    End goal will be some 600cc racing bike.

    I expect to be flamed but I also want to upgrade/modify the 250 to be as good as it can be for fun. I already know its a costly silly road but I have plenty of money and time and I love my bike so the usual "its more cost effective to just buy the bike with the stuff you want" resolution isn't going to change my mind.
    Looking to maybe do breaks, tyres, suspension, shifting and that kind of thing.
    If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome!

    Thank you,
  2. Welcome. If you have so much money, you should have bought a much quicker LAMS bike to start with.
  3. welcome aboard a better lams would have seemed a smarter choice but its your money ralph
  4. Let's stay on topic, folks !
    This is a WELCOME thread..

    Welcome to NR, Damus. What you choose to do in life, motorcycling and your money is STRICTLY your business.
    Hope your chosen mods give you the pleasures you seek.
    Happy, safe adventures :)
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  5. Thank you ^_^
  6. Hey Damus and welcome to NR! I'm up the road at Baulko so if ever you want to hook up for a burn somewhere let me know!
    Old Pac Spencer run is always on my yep let's do it list...
    I have the mod bug as well and my little ninj also cops a bit on NR but whatever...I'm banned from mentioning my pipe lol.
    Post up pictures of your work in progress and there is good advice to be had on NR you just need to shake the sieve a bit to sort the gems from the turds...;)
  7. Oh that's awesome! Totally what I needed to hear. Still going through a quick gear dilemma at the moment and just trying to decide on a few things so I need to limit the riding atm but sounds like a good plan to me! I think I will be fully functional in about a week or so.
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  8. G'day DamusBDamusB. Modify to your hearts content. Photos when it happens please. Make sure there are enough bits on the bike to be able to ride!!
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  9. Welcome aboard DamusBDamusB and enjoy your first forays into riding and modification. It's all a learning process, so it won't be a waste when you finally have your 600 and you already know your way around a spanner.
  10. Welcome to NR...
  11. Welcome to the forum, enjoy the modding but remember to make sure that the mods are allowed, legal and your insurance covers them.

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  12. Yes I get a bit nervous about the comprehensive insurance angle...do mods affect CTP as well pls?? :cat:
  13. Would that also affect third party property?
  14. That's what I was wondering...someone a while back said that often the mods are cheaper to replace for comprehensive than the manufacturer's but you wonder if for CTP they use mods as a way to not cover you for some things...:cat:
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    Last edited: Feb 18, 2015
    Whilst most mods are cosmetic, modding things like exhausts, brakes, suspension etc might make your LAMS bike non-lams etc so before doing anything major seek advise. Not only are there insurance implications you could also get unwanted police attention etc.

    I don't want to be the devils advocate here, however it always pays to make sure you are within the limits etc of your current license restrictions.

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