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New guy from Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by leojvs, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    Im Joel and Im from western Syd.
    Ive been riding for a number of years now, and upgraded to a VFR800 at the end of last year.

    Im on adv under a different handle, however I thought Id join here as it has more relevant trips/information/parts and other good to know information, like group rides etc.
    I go out with Sydneys Riders on occassion too.

    I love doing road trips, however time is limited, so I sneak in short ones where I can.
    See you around.


  2. welcome....western sydney as well........

    I store my gun under my scowl and my drugs under the seat........how about you ;) hehehhe
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  3. psch I strap my gun to the inside on my windshield....easy access.

    welcome bloke
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  4. Welcome mate. Parramatta way for me. Loving the yellow. Where abouts in the west are you? Have to join us for a ride when you have the time.
  5. Welcome mate. We need more sydney people for the revolution :p
  6. Pfft at your guns - throwing stars and samauri swords are my weapons of choice :p

    Welcome to NR mate (y)
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  7. Call me if you want an actual genuine katana :).
  8. pulling into our street my daughter says wait for the bikie gang people

    Bike goes past ...

    I take the opportunity to point out to my daughter that just coz they're on a motorbike doesn't mean they are in a bike gang

    She replies "then why did the dude have a sword on his back ?"
  9. he's obviously a ninja.
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