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new guy from newcastle .....photo added

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by YUTRYN, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. just wanted to say hi my name is daniel and i have a 85 rg250f which i just purchased as i had one 13 years ago and fell in love with it being my first bike
    this one has been sitting in a guys shed for 8 years and has travelled just 22488km

    so i look forward to joining in some ride days and just generally having fun on the weekends


    just found out i cant post photos till i have 5 posts so the photo will have to wait
  2. Welcome Daniel :).

    You're living a dream lots of us have; I've give anything to have a couple of my early bikes back again, even if just to look at them :(.
  3. G day Daniel. Welcome aboard. One of my first bikes that i had was an rg250. It never ran correctly. I used to have pull the carbies apart and clean them out, put it back together than it would run great for a day or two. It just would'nt hit band and it would then clog up and never rev out cleanly. Had a machanic look at it and he reckons it was electrical! In the end, got fed up with it and then sold it! :( Hope you have trouble free klms. :cool:
  4. thanks guys
    my first rg never missed a beat and got along nicely this new one has just been pulled down and totally rebuilt and goes beautifully so hopefully it stays that way !!!

    so are there many other on here from the newcastle area?

  5. welcome abourd Dan, your going to have a blast on this sight and wen u meat some of these people, ur in for the time of your life.
  6. Welcome aboard Daniel.. :cool:

    Dont forget to put your location details in your profile.. :grin:
  7. Welcome aboard Dan. There are about a dozen or so of us around here. A ride gets organised every now and then (I haven't made one yet too busy) and a coffe meet up sometimes too ( managed that one :grin: ).
    see ya around (listen out for some "Contis" rumbling round)

  8. well i dont get much spare time as i own a pizza/takeaway shop at elermore vale so i really only get sunay off but can organise more so im definately interested in doing a ride some day i have heard great things about the putty road and old pacific hwy but thats out of the question now so if anyone wants to show me the puttry road i will gladly tag along
  9. Welcome YUTRYN Good crowd in NR, Here is a suggestion on the weekends "Geta olda mamma and papa in to makka da pizzas" (ha ha, just jokes) and you and the Mrs get out on the bike.

    Take it easy, ride safe... :cool: :biker:
  10. here it is

  11. welcome to NR mate, nice ol'school stroker!! :grin:
  12. hey i just signed up to and im also in Newcastle
  13. bloody novacastrians, they are everywhere you look these days! Welcome from an ex Tighes Hill boy! :LOL: