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New Guy From Across The Pond!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by OneQuickPuck, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Hello Mates!!! I'm from the US. Just got in about a month ago. On the job hunt know. Maybe gonna settle up in Rockhampton, QLD. Staying in Cedar Vale with friends at the moment. I had to sell 21 bikes before coming over as the Aussie gov't will only allow me to import ONE!! Bummer :( But now the replacement bike search begins! I've been completely out of the saddle for 30 days!! It's bloody killing me!!

    My past bikes were ZX-14s - Had one in Black, Blue, White(SE), and Red, and may last was custom painted Kawi GREEN!
    Bunch of GSXR1000's - my girl and I used to ride matching 2002 Red/Blk/silver with Marchesini Mag wheels. She cried when we had to sell hers :(
    Also had several other G1K's for track days and one for drag racing.
    A few GSXR 600 and 750's along the way( I built track bikes for a coupe years)
    My 1997 Bandit 1200S - very dependable
    KTM 450 Supermotos, 450 dirtbike
    Honda 450, and the kids rode CRF150F's and my little girl a CRF70F

    My hangout back in the states is speed-tribe

    ^^^ Some crazy mo-fos for sure!!!!

    my motto: Go Fast or Go Home!! LOL! :grin:
  2. Welcome to Australia, and to Netrider.

    I bet you have some stories to tell, love to hear them :).
  3. Welcome to our island mate and to NR.
    Great bike experience you seem to have, but a word of warning;
    Unless you have great self control on the roads you'll be walking in very quick time. Speed kills apparently. Oh and another warning, we have dumb animals that commit suicide on the roads. :wink:
  4. you need more bikes :LOL:
  5. fcuk!


    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  6. The best bit about selling your bikes is buying some new ones! G'day and avagoodweeken :grin: