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New guy and a bit of a question

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by johnny21, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. ahh yes it has been a long time since i have posted on any forum anywhere so this feels slightly odd, but anyhow...

    how are we all?

    just getting into biking, had the dirt bikes and that when i was younger but now wanting to make a move to a road bike. much to the great displeaure of my mother in particular. already got my learners permit down at Armstrongs in Thomastown. (highly recommended by the way, top bunch of guys)

    thought i might become a member and enjoy some of the great benefits that being a member offers. and hopefully join some of you on a ride in the near future.

    now this may be a little off topic, mods let me know if it is, but i dont know if many of you know of the guy on the bike that was killed on thursday last week in reservoir on mahoneys rd, my condolences to anyone that is related some how to this person of course, but my parents happened to see it after a few minutes it happened, and this put mum in tears knowing that i am looking for a bike. now im living under there roof at the moment and just wondering if you guys have gone through anything similar with regards to really wanting a bike but also really wanting to respect the wishes of your parents. obviously there is nothing except myself stopping me from getting a bike and my parents couldnt have a say, but at the same wanting keep everyone happy to a certain degree.

    that was also part of the reason i joined netrider, to try educate myself as much as possible and take the necessary precautions.

    so yeah did any of you go through a similar thing, how did you approach it and with what outcome.

    cheers guys, glad to be here too.
  2. hi and welcome
    im pretty new here too .i joined as my husband has gotten his learners and i told him he could have a bike on the condition no matter how hot it gets u always wear the bike clothing we got him

    he has come off once( not going fast0 and it has already stopped him from having bitumen inbedded in his arm all he copped was a egg

    so i suggest make sure u got the right gear and dont ride in shorts and thongs

    riding is common sense and if u use it u will have fun
  3. Hey, welcome :)

    Check this thread out, deals with exactly what you're talking about:


    If you ride alot, you will have some sort of accident. Or at least its very very statistically likely. Even if its just a 20km slide from going around a corner and not seeing (because you can't) the oil on the road.

    The best thing you can do is ride cautiously, work on your roadcraft (buffering, blind spots, etc), and as Jeff says ride like you're invisible. Always stay within your limits, don't let anyone push you further than you're comfortable with, get full protective gear and ALWAYS wear it. This seriously minimizes the chances of bigger accidents and the protective gear minimizes any damage. But you can't always predict other peoples actions, and for me thats the most dangerous part of riding - although the more you ride the more you are able to predict stupidity and position yourself safely.
  4. cheers,

    when it comes to driving of any sort i am pretty switched on, alot of the stuff they teach is second nature for me, head checks, positioning all that stuff. confidence with out cockyness i guess. i have no intention of riding in anything less than full gear, but yeh that first fall sounds almost inevitable dispite my best intentions.

    someone once said, drive (or ride) like everyone is an idiot and is trying to get you. seems to have worked pretty well thus far.

    thanks for the link to phizog
  5. +1 Phizog, and also check the "Beat the odds" link in my sig - it's an article entirely about HOW NOT to become a statistic. Infact, spend time on the site, it's a site TOTALLY devoted to understanding biking physics/dynamics/riding skills for the non racer.

    Oh, and welcome.
  6. Hi johnny21.

    Welcome from another newbie. To NR and Riding. Did my course at Armstrongs too - Chris and Aaron looked after us good :wink:

    Actually got my gear today - picking up the bike on Saturday so might see you around soon - you're not too far away!
  7. thanks guye777

    yeh had the same guys as well at armstrong. good bunch

    were abouts did you get your gear from, what sort, price etc just curious. what bike you getting as well. i work towards rosanna might spot ya.
  8. Well.

    For my background story - checkout my intro thread netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=46978

    Basically, Sue and I ended up buying a couple of new Honda VTR 250s from the local lads at Redwing (I like to support local if I can - and it doesn't cost me TOO much :wink:)

    I pick mine up Saturday - a black one. Sue gets hers next week - a red one (read faster).

    I looked around for gear, but getting so much for two people it was hard to find anyone with a decent range of products and sizes to suit both of us. We ended up doing a reasonable deal at Peter Stevens in Elizabeth Street (thanks Jess and Tim and the guys if you are NR members :applause:).

    {Mod - wasn't sure if it was OK to mention the store or not?}

    We got Shoei helmets (TZRs) and Draggin Cargos each.

    I got some Dainese boots (with steel bits on the toes apparently for 'scraping' the road - jeez how am I EVER going to get confident enough to get the bike THAT low 8-[ ) and Sue got some flashy looking AlpineStars (more expensive than mine, but only got plastic scraping things :cheeky:)

    We both got different DriRider fabric jackets - decided against leather for now.

    And 'cause this all added up to about $3500 for both of us, they were prepared to bargain a bit. I won't say how much here 'cause that is unfair to Peter Stevens, but do your own bargaining and hunt around. I used the Internet to check prices beforehand, so I knew what were 'going prices' for things.

    Ohh, and being a total gadget nut I picked up a couple of UHF Radios from DSE with a VOX headet so Sue can hear me screaming when I fall off and she isn't watching me (cause you know they NEVER pay attention after you marry them, don't ya).

    So sorry about the long list, but I am pretty excited and eager to share! And I know it might be a bit of a steep investment, but the best advice I've read on NR so far is about spending as much as you can on gear (especially the helmet) and using the leftover for the bike. It is a bit easier probably at my stage of life (to spend the money that is), but hope this is useful.

  9. Nothing wrong with mentioning stores guye777 or posting direct link
    to the item you bought.
  10. Nothing wrong with mentioning stores guye777 or posting direct link
    to the item you bought.
  11. [​IMG]

    Welcome Johnny.

    You want a bike but your mother is already in tears before you've
    gotten one.

    Bit of a bummer situation you have yourself there mate. Got no
    parents here so its not something I've been thru.

    Only thing I can say is that hopefully by the time you are actually
    ready to buy, that she's come around by then.
  12. Thanks MG.

    Thanks MG.

    Thanks MG.


    (I crack myself up sometimes!)
  13. Also, MG, I thought at 5000+ posts there's nothing more to be gained by pretending to fudge extra posts. Is there?

    Me, on the other hand, well I can nearly PM now :)
  14. [​IMG] guye777

    F*cken PC wouldnt post.. I pressed 'Submit' 3 times.. still nothing
    so I jump outta the thread & go back in only to see 3 friggen posts

    Well I fixed the last one up at least [​IMG]

    Mods can remove the others.
  15. welcome :p
  16. but everyone one of those fudged posts makes a difference, like a small drip of water eroding the earth... or some crap like that

    your gonna look pretty hardcore with your dainese boots. and fully sik toe guards.. enjoy your maiden vouage this weekend..
  17. Woohoo!

    Got the bike, spent most of Sat in LaTrobe Uni carpark practicing.

    Took a rider out to Eltham for lunch today.