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New GSXR600 Insurance

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by taurus, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. does anyone know roughly how much a new GSXR600 insurance would be for a 35 year old with no accidents, 30% No claims discount,garaged, imobilizer. also has anyone just bought one and what do you think of the bike.

  2. Location is gonna be a big factor dude....
  3. How about you just ring up an insurance company and fling that information at them, and they will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of your insurance costs, rather than everyone on here just guessing. :)
  4. Well, as a ball park, when I priced insurance for a new GSXR1000 I was quoted between $1050 to $1800 per annum.

    Given its a bigger bike, and im not quite your vintage yet, Id look for something below those numbers :wink:
  5. 37yrs, rating 1, had licence for 2 weeks, $701 with Arista, ~$1050 with QBE or Swann. Semi rural Victoria.
  6. so far i have been quoted $1670 with western qbe. which seens far too much money to part with.
  7. try aami, they'll be half the price of western qbe.
  8. They were more than double for me, and I have car and house with them. :evil:
  9. Me too. $1600 seems a bit high... that's more than I'm paying on a bigger capacity sportsbike at a much younger age (and not even rating 1).
  10. AAMI have a "Flexible Premiums" option for their auto insurance.
    I have it on my truck, haven't done the comparison for bikes though.

    It works out costing you the same as any other insurer if you make a claim, but HALF the premium cost if you don't make a claim.

    Basically, they discount your premium, but bump up your excess.
    So if you're a safe guy, then it works out a lot cheaper.
  11. The price of the bike also comes into it (insuring a old $9000 gsxr600) is cheaper than a $15,000 new one as well.

    The best way it to do online quotes and/or call insurance places.
  12. Rating 1, no claims, 27 years old and I pay $1500 p.a through Suncorp.
    New for old policy