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new gsxr100 colour

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GOOSH, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. went into peter stevens today and noticed they had the new colour in range. had a quick look and thought it wasn't too bad. the picture doesn't do it justice. in the real it looked better


  2. mmmmm i like that new colour =P~
  3. Thats nice
  4. Thats one awesome looking machine.. :twisted:
  5. Not a fan of that one. Like the white 600 though.
  6. Sorry to hijack but Goosh I think I saw the 675 you bought or another identical one at PS dandenong, thats such a nice colour you got there
  7. Another thumbs up; at least it looks a bit different from all the other sports bikes out there.
  8. thanks man.. did you see it today, cause i was there this afternoon. i haven't seen another one in blue on the road yet but ps dandy did have one on the showroom floor recently.
  9. Now that you have it, we'll have to get the Netrider 675 owners together. There seems to be quite a number of us now.

    The suspension can be a little tricky to get set up right, but if you want some help with that, give me a yell. I've set up a few now, and the owners all seem pretty happy with the results.

    Oh, and the stock tyres, being the Supercorsa Pro's, are THE best tyre to have on the bike (IMO).

    As for the OP copper GSXR, I actually like it. That's a big statement coming from me 'cos I haven't seen a single Suzuki that I've liked the looks of since around 2000.
  10. I think I'd have to see it in the flesh before final judgement, but looks alright.
  11. Eh ZX10 makes everything else look shite (IMO)
  12. Except from the front.
  13. Harking back to the heady SRAD days and the orange/black 750s :).
  14. I wouldn't buy the 100. Too gutless
  15. I dunno about everything else looking shite, but the ZX10 is the current leader in my "upgrade" choice list, the GSXR is a close second, daylight third............
  16. Love the look of that. Anyone wanna buy a K1 Gixer?
  17. Don't you work for a Kawasaki dealership nowadays?
  18. Now you're catching on :wink: