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New gsxr 750

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by theredbuddah, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hey guys got a new gixxer k7 the other day,ony second road bike(600 monster RIP).Can anyone tell me how to get the slippery waxxy crud off my tyres please :?:

  2. Petrol, paint thinner do the job ok... other than that- a CAREFUL blast on you favourite set of twisties...
  3. thanks for that.any run in tips while your there.
  4. uhhh... i'll run you're tyres in if I have to... :grin:

    love the gixxer750's, pics?
  5. Petrol and paint thinner also damage rubber. :p

    Slowly scrubbing them in is a good idea. Usually the person selling you the bike or new tyres will put a releasing agent on the tyres to remove most of the crap. Makes the ultra-slippery for the first 50km or so, but after that they're fine.

    Just ride the thing, carefully. :)
  6. Congrats on the bike!
    I bought one recently and now they're selling $500 cheaper! :mad:

    Take it easy around the corners.
    Or some sand paper and rub it off.
  7. are we talking the same waxy finish that every new tyre has? Personally, I find a blat on a dirt road (abrasive surface) followed by some careful dry riding twisties does the job first time, every time. Then there are those chicken strips...
  8. congrats on the bike. Best sports bike if you ask me.

    my mate used sand paper. I decided to just ride it. The dealer said it takes about 200kms to wear them in. But Superbike magazine says that it takes just as long as it takes to warm them up. So not that long. Just take it easy first few corners. And try not to ride in the rain at first.
  9. Just go easy with it, go to your favourite set of twisties and gradually up the pace to get some heat into the tyres and gradually increase your lean angle.
    Alot of people seem to have this fear of new tyres...provided you don't grab a fistfull or try to get the knee down in the first few k's you'll be fine
  10. thanks dudes you have been a big help
  11. has the k7 got a hesitation around 4000 rpm? i have a k5 and i find it pretty annoying. i got a power commander but the small changes i made to the fuelling seemed to make it worse... :cry:
  12. For f-sake. Why would you spend the money on a power commander and not get it dynoed and proffesionally tuned? :roll:
  13. cause dude, im waiting for my pipe to arrive.. jesus, :cry:
    i just asked cause the flat spot was worse while stock.
  14. No flat spots that I can think of on the K7 GSXR750.
    Then again I don't think I have taken it passed 8000rpm yet.
    Still running it in.
  15. ar cool dude, cheers. on mine there seemed a little dip in power at 6000 then it pulls like a champ all the way to 14. you wait, you'll really dig it!! :LOL:
    the only reason i asked was i thought it may have been a gsxr750 trait to be hesitant around 4k cause of the sporty focus of the engine. maybe its year specific or maybe, like the genius mentioned, it will all disappear with a tune..
  16. Congrats on the k7!

    Capretta we've got the same bike and i have no hesitation in mine anywhere. K&n filter, yoshi TRS, TRE fitted. Actually its a little hesitant from idle to about 2500 but i just keep the revs up on take off. Used to run a little rough down low but turned the idle up to 1500 and is sweet now.
  17. oh cool, i showed a coupla people today that i went riding with and their theory was the injectors maybe not working properly at 4k you can hear cylinders not firing. its noticeable cause you try and hold the throttle steady at 4k and the revs fluctuate either side about 1k each way, but this doesnt happen anywhere else on the rev range?? makes roundabouts occasionaly more interesting thats for sure.

    meh, well it sounds like a bike specific prob as opposed to a model specific design fault but its almost due for a service so i will just dump it in "hopefully" capable hands and see what happens! :wink:
  18. Idea.

    Stand beside bike..

    hold in front break,

    kick into first,

    wack on throttle,

    dump clutch...

    no more waxy rear tyre..

    cant help you with the front though buddy!