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New GSX-R 1000 L1

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by BlooNinja, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Hey gang,

    After riding an 09 250R for a little over two years (hence username) I felt i needed to scale up and so after alot of test rides later I decided to get myself a new GSX-R as i found it to suit me and in my opinion was the most comfortable bike I rode while i was testing.

    Exhibit A:

    iPhone quality, for your pleasure.

    Nothing really to mention, its showroom spec. I always say to myself ill get mods done, but deep down i know i probably wont, maybe except for some Oggy knobs.

    Have still yet to ride it as i broke my right wrist (not riding) just before i bought it and i still have a week to go before i get my cast off. I thought it would be good motivation to get my wrist moving again when i get my arm out of plaster, but having to look at it every day is making this week drag.

    I used to come to the tuesday L rides when i had the Ninja though I stopped about a year ago and usually kept to myself so you may not remember me.

    Anyway, when I get a little bit of road time i might pop into a ride again and say g'day.

  2. Nice work. So ... you sold the 250 to your housemate, and now your old bike and your new bike are parked side by side?
  3. good work enjoy the bike :)
  4. haha no not quite side by side, he lives about half an hour away.
  5. My flat mate did the same Ninja 250r to '09 GSX-R 1000, but I didn't buy his old bike, I took my time to get one.

    At first I didn't rate these much, but gee it has grown on me and they look so good on the road! Nice Choice!
  6. Congratssssss!

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  7. Honestly I didnt think much of them either, but it grew on me every time i saw it.