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New GS500 Choke

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vaper, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. So i got my bike today. Took it home. A few hours later decided to start her up and go riding. The bike would not start with the choke on. Turned the choke off, she started fine with a bit of throttle. Rolled the choke on a bit to let it warm up a bit while i put my gear on and and the bike stalled ?? repeated a few times and even with a bit of choke it kept stalling. Is this normal ??

  2. If you had been riding it and only stopped for a few hours chances are it was still warm enough that you didn't need any choke and you are correct in holding a bit of throttle and press the ignition when engine is warm...

    Cold starts in the morning, put the choke on ( used to put mine about half way and press the starter without throttle, as it starts bring the rpm (choke) down a little, put on your helmet, gloves, then about a block or so away turn choke off all together..

    My GS behaved like this and it's quite common for bikes with choke.

    This if from the GS manual, hope this clears things up...

  3. Wouldn't be worried.
    Try without choke in the morning, engine etc completely cold, might need it then.
    Some bikes just don't need choke, just a bit of throttle.
  4. Beat me to it Joe!!
  5. Ok. Ill see how we go tommorow morning. Hopefully i dont have to take it back.
  6. LOL - normal? Yes.

    Learn what it likes and doesn't like before you take it back. The mechanic will have a hard time fixing rider inexperience.

    Congratulations on getting it, BTW. They're a great bike.
  7. Ive got a GS500f too vaper and I assure you, like the others have said, this is completely normal. The engine would have still been warm so you shouldnt have needed any choke at all.
  8. Yes i am a noob. Thanks for the reassurance guys. Now i can sleep lol.