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New Greed Cameras being trialed in Boronia.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. http://www.ceos.com.au/products/tirtl-content.htm

    TIRTL consists of transmitter and receiver units on opposite sides of the carriageway and uses two parallel and two cross beams below axle height to measure and classify passing vehicles.

    The system has a speed measurement accuracy with less than 1% error at up to 250km/hr and precisely measures the number of axles, axle separation, wheel width and the front to back wheel width ratio to classify vehicles.


  2. so are they speed cameras? or axel counting cameras?
  3. From the link they're a traffic logger. Guess they're to replace the people that sit on the corner pressing a counter every time a certain vehicle type goes past
  4. there goes any hope of carear progression for me then :(
  5. Lets see how many high speed unicycles we can get it to register!
  6. Those are unequivocally traffic counters/loggers. There's a few sites around that use them. They are aimed at recording all traffic but particularly heavy vehicle/multi axle traffic. We asked VicRoads about this some time back after they popped up at another location.

    AFAIK there's no link to speed cameras or vehicle identification of any kind. They merely replace the box with 2 rubber strips close together that you find sometimes (not the box with a cop and two rubber strips wide apart - they will book you - and yes, they are still used where a good line of sight isn't available for a camera :evil: )

    They are too easily blocked or damaged to be usable as a speed camera.
  7. Regardless of the fact that you can't get booked by these i think it's a good idea to stick to the speed limit when passing them. If these traffic loggers show a spot with a large number of speeding vehicles you can bet that someone is going to decide this is an appropriate place to put another revenue, oops i mean speed, camera.
  8. speed cameras killed my father and r aped my mother
  9. read the link then.

    Officer: "oh hey, there's a few abnormal speed detected there. time to connect a camera."

    BAM i cant speed on my way to work lol.

    where abouts in Boronia is this located, do ya know Vic?
  10. Not sure the link Vic posted is the camera part of the operation. The TIRTL is the little box they concrete into the road, and it is a traffic logger. The tall pole in the first pic is chock full of cameras. As far as I can tell these devices cover all three lanes from the one pole.

    They are testing this camera out on Maroondah Hwy between Lincoln Rd and Dorset rd (Lilydale bound) on a median strip between the service road and the main highway. If you frequent that road regularly but haven't noticed it for the last few months you must have been blind.

    More proof it's not just a traffic logger, the sign on Maroondah hwy 100 meters before the pole read 'Speed camera testing in area'.

    The pole was removed last week from Maroondah hwy, but the TIRTL and the kerbside box remain in place.
  11. well there is one way to avoid detection...they can only record speeds up to 250km/hr :p
  12. Just hypothetically of course, nothing a can of black spraypaint can't fix.
  13. TIRTL-Applications1.

    ahaha lol the one axes uni cycles doing 8ks an hour
  14. and now everyone slows down there coz we dont no if we gona get booked or not?
  15. mmm i work in boronia.
    maroondah hwy isnt in boronia.
    Vic doesnt know Vic :LOL:
    all good if im not going by it to work :)
  16. Is this the one?

    Speed camera stalled

    A NEW stealth speed camera was destroyed by angry road users while it was being tested.
    The camera, which has the potential to reap millions of dollars for the State Government, has been installed on Maroondah Highway, Croydon, and is set off by laser sensors installed in roadside gutters only metres away....<snip>
  17. Interesting commentary in that story.

    "These new speed cameras are more accurate than the old cameras".

    More accurate eh? Is this an admission that existing speed cameras are not really that accurate at all, and yet the government is rolling in ~$350M in speed camera revenue, and they're aware of camera inaccuracy? Have people been losing their licences, and possibly their employment on the basis of "less accurate" cameras?

    What a travesty.
  18. I don't think that's an issue to get excited about, the Govt is likely to
    say that at 100km/h, current cameras are accurate to 1.5% - 2%
    where the new one is only 1% error. Given that they allow 2kmh off
    your speed for camera error, they'll say that no motorists are unfairly
    affected by current levels of accuracy.

    However they might use this as an excuse to drop the "get out of
    jail free" margin to just 1km/h (heaven forbid)!
  19. What a load of shyte. I'm going to cause a major accident going 61kph in a 60 zone :roll:
  20. My understanding is that the device is a computerised traffic counter, not a speed camera.