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New GPX 250 questions from a newbie

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by TCShadow, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Took the new bike out for a ride today and I have a question for the more experienced ones of you...

    I seem to have found a neutral that doesn't light up the green light... somewhere in the middle of 1st and 2nd where the real neutral is there seems to be a gear that doesn't do anything but also turns off the green neutral light. Anyone else seen this before?

    Also when I first started the bike it wouldn't engage the clutch... i had it pulled in all the way and threw it into first and it stalled... then i tried to start it up and it jerked forward and stalled again... after that the clutch seemed to engage properly and it worked fine except for my funny no light neutral.

    Is this just a normal quirk of 20 yo technology or should I be talking to the dealer?

    I'll do some more riding again after work tomorrow see if i have the same issues but feedback would be appreciated
  2. A false neutral, no big deal unless your finding it all the time and its causing problems when your on the road. Be firm with your gear changes and it should help.

    Changed the oil recently? Or not for ages? GPXs have a wet clutch so they need the right type of oil (check the manual). The wrong type of oil will cause the problems you've mentioned and its a good, cheap place to start since oil changes are good for bikes...
  3. It's just had its 1000km service.
  4. yeah false neutral.. no biggy.. they do it from time to time.. hows the clutch lever adjustment ?.. on a bike with 800kms there should be no issue with the clutch. ask the dealer and see what they say.

    but... it was probably just cold.. when they are cold the oil slams the clutch plates and you stall.. give it a minute to warm up at about 1500 rpm. drop the choke and then you should be fine. give that a go and report back.
  5. Was it happening before the service? If not, bingo.

    Ask them (if its not on your docket) what oil they put in. GPXs are one of those bikes where the better/more expensive oil isn't the best option - same with the better/more expensive fuel.
  6. GTX3 (kwaka recommend it) and 91 octane is the go.. although if your going for a bit of a longer run use 95
  7. +1 on the 91 octane. no need for something that resists pinging on a such a low compression.

    I think there is a spot between all the gears where you can find a neutral if you try hard enough.

    If you keep finding false neutrals adjust your gear leaver so your getting more of a movement through it i.e move it down a bit so you can push it up harder or further, i had to and never had a issue with it again.

    Gpx's clutch drags a fair bit, like someone said above worse when cold. Hold the brake and give it a little rev when you first drop in to first, after this you shouldn't have issues.

    If you ride like me and are in the higher rev ranges A LOT looking for more power you will use oil, so keep an eye on the level and any notchyness through the gears could also mean its time to change it or top it up.
  8. yep.. high rev riding (standard GPX style) needs more oil changes. since it only takes 15 mins you can do em every 1000km if you feel. always feels good after a change.
  9. The clutch thing can happen to any bike, but GPX's seem to suffer from it more. It's to do with thick cold oil.

    When starting first thing in the morning, pull the clutch in, set choke, front brake on, and press start. Once you break the "stiction" between the plates, you're pretty much fine.


    Rob, ex GPX owner. :)
  10. GPXs are such good value for money, they have 1 down, 5 up and and around 10 neutrals. The best thing is when you find one of these neutrals halfway across the intersection.

    You just need to shift with a little more force. :)
  11. extra neutrals = reduced gearbox wear and tear..although getting rammed will cost a bit to fix. just shift like you're on a track.. they are a race bike after all.
  12. Since this thread has been posted to again, I still want to know how it was fixed btw.
  13. there was nothing wrong we thinks.
  14. i get the 'no light neutrals' every now and then. Kinda weird, but I just thought it was a GPX quirk...

    and same with the clutch too... Really embarresing when your out the front of your work/friends etc and all you do in change gears with the clutch in and sure enough it tries to buck you off..

    I changed the oil and got a service and it has never done it again.

    Great Bike, good choice. When you think you have outgrown it, just lean harder and enter/exit quicker... This bike has lots left when you think it doesnt..
  15. as mentioned before they are 'extra value gears' a solid gear change prevents it and healthy oil is also good.. healthy oil in a gpx does wonders for many things.. soild little rigs and will always surprise with a bit of extra talent.
  16. Just to update, nothing wrong with the bike.. clutch problem when cold i solve by rolling forward when I throw it into first, that stops it stalling and engages the clutch properly. The false neutrals haven't really happened since day 1.

    TY all for the feedback
  17. I always give my bike a chance to warm up before I put it into gear - normally about a minute with the choke on is enough.

    As for the 'false' neutral - maybe get the gear lever adjusted down a bit - it may be sitting too high and you're not lifting it enough to change the gears - I used to lift my foot off the peg to change gears until husband adjusted it for me - no more missed gears!! :grin:
  18. if you ask me they come out of the factory to high. and Tcshadow the roll forward is something i think i will never stop doing.
  19. Seven gears for the price of six - bargain!

    As for the clutch, this is common to all GPX's and as robsalvv has pointed out, all you have to do to stop the bike jerking into gear after starting it is just hold the clutch in for approx ten seconds. After that you'll find your first gear change is smooth and normal and you don't even have to wait for the engine to warm up. This I learned a long time ago with my own GPX.
  20. re extra netural

    seeing you all are chatting about the extra gears lol whats the best oil to use in a gpx 250 to help sort this out and of course best oil for this emgine as well please
    cos i trnd to have it reving often and god it sure likes it :)