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New GPS darts to be introduced in police pursuits (SA)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by loki, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. "SOUTH Australian police will have access to a hi-tech gadget capable of firing laser-sighted GPS tracking missiles at vehicles if the Labor government is returned to office on March 20."

    "Under a proposed trial of the state-of-the-art high speed chase equipment, 10 patrol cars would be fitted with the technology, named by Time magazine as one of the best inventions of 2007.

    The system uses a laser-guided compressed-air launcher mounted on the front of a police car to tag fleeing vehicles with a GPS tracking device, allowing police to pull back from the pursuit as real-time location data is sent to police headquarters and the suspect vehicle is tracked on a secure website."


    Good idea in principle.
    However, a $25,000 GPS tracker looks like easy pickings to an $8 chisel.
    And I can't see them being used against bikes, which could promote more crims to resort to bikes as a getaway, which COULD put us on the road to France and their 100HP limit.

    Cool technology anyway :)
  2. The police want these sorts of new gadgets too fast and too furiously.
  3. I can see the outcome when the first plod fires a missile at a bike and hits him square in the upper body. :eek:

    I can also see cager hoons swerving all over the road trying to avoid the cop getting a lock.
  4. Have something on your car that emits the same frequency of GPS satellites that floods the RF spectrum thus not giving a signal to the GPS receiver to determine speed?? i.e. GPS jammer.
  5. Time to go Matte black laser absorbing paint shopping. Bugger me what bs waste of tax payer money.
  6. matt black paint is a urban myth is it not
  7. Probably, that's why you need the laser absorbing kind ;)
  8. A stupid idea, but it's still cool as.
  9. And if you saw a police car with one of these "launchers" it's barrel would be impossible to block up with chewing gum, or glue or something, right?
  10. "Look Man, I'm not falling for no Banana in the Missile Pipe!"
  11. Merit of the idea aside why does the government have to use this as an election promise? Why doesn't it simply give the police the go-ahead to implement the program?
  12. Cool. But it says they're only buying ten of them. So, if a pursuit does break out, they'd better hope it's with one of the ten police cars with the device, which is unlikely.

    It would be a good idea if there would be more than ten of them.

    Should have neato stuff like this in every cop car.

    Or screw that, lets get those things from 2 fast 2 furious where they shoot your car with that electronic thingy and it cuts the power to the car. Much more affective than tracking.:D
  13. james bond eat your heart out

  14. You're assuming there are more than ten Police cars in SA! :-s

    I know Vic has at least 15 on the road, but SA is a smaller place! :driver:
  15. Hypothetically speaking, it would not be difficult, brownyy. By the time GPS signals reach Earth's surface, they're incredibly low-powered, much less powerful than a mobile phone signal.
  16. i'm thinking it would be kinda funny to have one of these on your car, then attach it to another car.

    first time it hits someone either pedestrian, bike rider etc is going to be intresting
  17. Then us cool kids in the old school carby driven cars can keep on truckin while the cops are dumbfounded to why our ECU's haven't fried yet.

    Or better yet, have a trainee cop pull the trigger only to have it miss the target car and hit an innocent bystander knocking them down and electricuting them profusely.
    Now I'm not for hurting random people if they don't deserve it, but I would love to see how that court case turns out :)


    PS: $25,000?
    You can buy gps transmitters and receivers online from china for like $20-50.. just gotta find some way to propell it and stick to the car
  18. the $25,000 device is the launcher, tracking gear (plus installation etc) not just one projectile.

    You won't have issues with hitting pedestrians either. To tag another vehicle you'll have to be within a few metres of it or the projectile will end up in the ground. They won't be tagging cars from the other side of the street.
  19. Screw the whole GPS tracking idea and just get explosive rockets that shoot out of the front of the car like James bond has.
    Criminal problem solved.
  20. i been thinking about this, where are they actually going to use such a device? Most people that run normally have a head start or are going in the other direction i would think so how are they going to get close enough to fire it? What start a high speed chase, catch up fire it then back off? :-s

    Agree the first time it hits a bystander will be interesting