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NSW New Government Considers Banning Motorcycling

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gongrider, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Motorcycling to be a thing of the past?

    Days after becoming deputy premier, Andrew Stoner has signalled one of the largest changes to road laws in the state's history.

    The brand new O'Farrell government is commissioning a review of motorcycling laws which may see two wheel travel banned altogether outside metro areas.

    "It's just baffling how manufacturers and governments put so much time, money and resources into safer cars and roads, but we allow people to ride around completely unprotected" said Stoner.

    "The stats show that you are 27 times more likely to be fatally injured in a motorcycle accident compared to a car accident.

    Motorcycling advocates have voiced their anger at the news, suggesting that widespread blockades and protests would restrict travel arrangements in the state over the next month.

    "This is the most ridiculous measure ever considered by a government. This makes the carbon tax look like a storm in a tea cup" expressed Motorcycle Council (MCC) chairman, Rob Colligan.

    "Motorcyclists all over the state will be active in protesting the move. This is an attack on our freedom and a backwards measure.

    "Motorcycling is the answer to congestion and air pollution. It is also the only mode of transport for thousands of residents".

    Stoner rejected the concerns and said that scooters and mopeds would likely remain in the Sydney CBD and that banning motorcycles had another large advantage for NSW residents.

    "The other benefit is that we would completely remove bikie gangs from our state

    "Hopefully they would move on to another state like Victoria".

  2. Happy April the 1st
  3. Father Bob's effort is the best so far.
  4. Until April 2nd comes around and the government is going "hmmm....actually" :LOL:
  5. :rofl: i wouldnt be suprised
  6. Just imagine it was true for a moment.

    There are other activities with greater injury rates and in some cases based on exposure times, higher fatality rates. The precedent would open the way to banning Netball, Horse riding, Rock fishing and others... basically anything fun to do.
  7. Dont give the tossers any ideas ;)

  8. Oh c'mon! gongrider went to so much effort to do this, you could have atleast waited for one person to fall for it!
  9. No, it needs to be more believable than that. Too easy.

    I liked the one that Jon Fain pulled on ABC radio this morning - he took a real proposal from Port Phillip Council to reduce all speed limits to 40kmh, and then invented a government agency and spokesperson to confirm that it was being rolled out across the state as we speak. The Mayor fell for it too, claiming this 'invented' agency's support!

    Had 'em frothing at he mouth and loading up the Molotov cocktails.

    More importantly, he made the mayor of Port Phillip and her whole agenda look foolish.
  10. I still think this would have got someone, it took less than a minute to be ruined.
  11. I didn't even remember it was April fools, I read the first paragraph and thought oh come on
  12. LOL!!!

    The Transport & Urban Roads Department. LOL.

    But don't laugh at the suggestions guys, the Draft national road strategy referred to research and made open statements directly pointing at reducing speed limits. I won't be the slightest bit surprised when the Hume H'wy is mooted to be reduced to 90km/h with increased enforcement to produce compliance (very strong theme in the NRSS).
  13. #13 Chef, Apr 1, 2011
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    You know what the scary thing is? The mentality is there in some sections of 'road safety' groups.

    Just because they don't come out and open their mouths in public anymore....

  14. I fell for it. Frantically started googling after the first line and everything. By my watch it's still morning so there's my excuse. You can all sod off.
  15. Hahahahaha.......I nearly fell for it, I've only had one coffee. So you can all sod off too.
  16. Hey Azam,
    I'm a Nigerian prince and have just inherited $540,000,000 that I need to move. If you give me your bank account details I will gladly give you 10%.
  17. I looked, and the thought went through my head,
    These dippy clods would actually try some thing like that,
  18. I would but I'm currently at work (hence my initial mistake - I'm too distracted) on an offshore oil rig. I would be happy to help you out if you could transfer an arbitrary sum of money into my account by western union
  19. Yes they would... and in other circles had such bright ideas as a licensing regime for pillions...
  20. :rofl: