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new gold coaster

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Truck1n, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. thought i would introduce myself.
    names Aidan.
    I'm from the gold coast (mudgeeraba)
    got a little cbr250rr

    and had my first accident this morning 6/11/11 at 9.50
    just completed a 150k ride got back to nerang and someone cut in front of me, i hit the anchors but ended up over the handle bars and sliding along the road, the asshat that pulled in front of me took off (would of been better if i hit him said the coppa) and left me in the middle of the road. I'm a little sore but my leathers saved my skin and the helmet did the right job. thanks to old mate that stopped and helped me gave me his name and number as a whiteness but unfortunately with no way of telling who the car was (no rego to busy sliding along the ground to get it) I'm out of pocket.

    ridden dirt bikes all my life and a few months ago made the right choice to switch to road bikes.

    this little accident has given me a bit of a wakeup how easy it is but i can't wait to get back on the bike.

    anyway rant over look forward to seeing a few of the old guys that do track days when i start going
  2. Ouch ... Sorry to hear about that Adrian. Hope you get it all fixed up soon. I think you need to practice those emergency stops a bit. Those baby-blades have real motorbike brakes, as you discovered.

    About people cutting you off, there are limits to what you can do, but you can take a more pro-active stance on identifying situations where something like that is possible, and then making provisions to give yourself a better chance, like moving over, like backing off a bit, like not riding beside another vehicle where (s)he can't see you ... The trick is to look at the situation and ask Mr Murphy what might be about to happen, then taking steps to defend yourself before it does.

    Oh, and Hello and welcome to NR. Hope we can help prevent a repeat.
  3. Welcome to Netrider! Always awesome to see another Gold Coaster join up. :D Huge suckage about your accident, even worse the other guy did a runner. Glad to hear that you're relatively okay - How'd the bike fair?
  4. thanks guys.
    yeah kneedragon I'm normally pretty aware about cars on the other side of the road i dunno if it was a bit of fatigue or just a complete numbnuts moment on my behalf (most likely the second) i didn't even look at the car until it started to turn. i guess he smidsy'd and tried to make the gap in front of the car behind me. so a definite lesson learnt there.

    bikes not too bad, stuffed the farings obviously and snapped the clutch lever. however i went for a spirited roll down the hill a while ago and everything (bearings, wheels, handle bars, brakes) seam ok. seam... ill spend the next few afternoons peeling back the layers and seeing what goodies i find
  5. HI Aidan, sorry to hear about the crash. Welcome to the site. Rant as much as desired. I am also on the coast and also had some real scary moments here as i believe that the goldie people are usually in la la land when driving their cars.

    When your back up and running - send a message and set up a ride with the rest of the boys& girls on the coast. Helps to be in numbers sometimes.