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New Gold Coast Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by someaussieguy, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. #1 someaussieguy, Apr 26, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
    Hey guys,

    Thought I'd introduce myself as I have finally registered to the forum. My name is Josh, I live on the Gold Coast and currently own a 1995 Yamah yzf600r - for those that remember, it is the foxeye model that was called an fzr600r over in Europe. Don't see many of these around but it's a great bike. Mine is in the process of being converted into a street fighter (pics below), and hasn't been on the road for around 18 months, so undoubtedly I will be askin questions in the mechanical section when it's ready to be ridden again.


    Edit: photobucket is giving me grief so no photos at the moment
  2. G'day JoshJosh, welcome to Netrider. 'Foxeye' is a great model name for a motorcycle isn't it.
  3. Howdy Josh, welcome to the forums and life on two wheels. Oh and btw, happy birthday mate (y)!
  4. Queenslander !!!!!

    welcome and do nod if you are out and about the hinterland :)
  5. Welcome mate :cool:
  6. Welcome top the forum mate

    You can't normally attach pictures in your first post. It takes a few before the magical doors open and you are fully invited in.+
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome fellas. That must be it GeorgeO, I guess I'll just wait and start a build thread once I'm a full member.
  8. welcome aboard Josh :)
  9. AHoy hoy Josh,
    Glad to see another gold coastian :)

    Welcome to NR; you won't be disappointed!
  10. Welcome to NR mate, from a rider in hinterland.
  11. Thanks guys. While I think of it, where do you gold coasters go when you need a mechanic? I do most stuff myself but after my bike has been sitting for a couple of years up until now I want to get the carbs synced and possibly the valves adjusted.

  12. Graham Hull - Mobile mechanic
    Ph: 0405493092

    Well priced although set aside a whole day since he likes to chat and rant! lol