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New Gloves - What a difference

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fightingtiger, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    Decided that my original pair of gloves was just too big.

    Went to the Ducati store to get some new ones - unfortunately the gloves with the right logo and in my size were just a tad out of my price range :-(

    But - they did have one last small pair of Spyke gloves on special for around $55 - less than I paid for my other pair of gloves.

    Managed to get out on the road earlier today and what a difference the right fitting pair of gloves can make. They may not be warm on a cold day but they have awesome "feel" to them.

    Smooth gear changes and even the few low speed u turns I did were much better controlled.

    So advice for noobs, get some really good fitting gloves and your riding will definately improve :)

    Catch ya

  2. My worry with the cheap gloves is the chems that leach out of them onto your skin. Does it stain your hands?
  3. The gloves im happiest with are a pair of motorcross style gloves with extra leather on the palm, and hard road armour on the top for your knuckles. Cost me $70 for a pair but i love them. They are tight on the hands but dont stop you moving your hands at all.
    Admittedly i still love my fingerless heavy leather gloves, but i only wear them when i want convenience - going to the shops or errands with 10 stops - can get helmet on and off with them easily. They were $25.
    I also have a nice set of winter waterproof gloves which i dont like the feel of one bit, but do keep my hands warm and dry. $80.
    I have one other pair of what id call regular riding gloves... but im not that happy with them. One of the rjays gloves... forget what they cost, about $45 i think....

    My $25 fingerless ones did the first time they got wet, and only mildly stained my hands - was gone a few days later and has never happened again. The others never have.
  4. My $139 A* did that. All leather gloves seem to do it when they are soaked. Wear some latex gloves underneath or buy some proper winter gloves.
  5. i had one pair of leather gloves when they got wet make my hands purple (THAT was fun explaining :D ) i think they were $90. i put them through the machine a few times, and hung over fire to dry - perfect now.

    i have tonnes of pairs of gloves and have owned many more - $20-$120 pairs of gloves.

    no issues with any. cheap gloves have lasted, more expensive have lasted too.

    had my accident wearing $80 leather gloves with lots of protection in knuckles and double stitching - perfect protection. very happy with how they held up.
  6. Coincidente! I went out for some Berik's at lunch (Me dog ate the lining on my winter gloves :rofl:).

    + the Gladiator gloves seem specially designed for love tapping mirrors (big, ****-off carbon knuckles) :)
  7. love my A* shorty gloves, they held up in a stack and are still great and very comfy. However after a weekend away I bought some oxford glove liners and they make any gloves feel 10x more comfortable.