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New gloves and feel of front brakes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by adnan12, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. I want to know if this problem is normal, when I used to ride with no gloves (I know..sorry!!!!) the brakes seemed more responsive, but now since I got these leather gloves the brake seem to be much less responsive. I think this is because I can't bend my fingers as much as iw ould like to. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Do the leather gloves get more easier to bend?

  2. Depends if they're insulated or summer gloves. You won't feel much through insulated leather gloves. They all get easier to move in after a little use and weathering.

    Perhaps you could get a head start by doing some wrist excercises...
  3. They seemed more responsive because your fingers were in direct contact with the lever, you were getting alot of feedback.

    Your new gloves are acting as insulation between the two now, giving a 'numbed' feeling.

    It's only strange because you're not used to riding with gloves.

    I find it really strange to ride without gloves, because I'm used to having some leather for cushioning.
  4. Re: front brake

    You probably mean they have a better 'feel' more than being responsive. After all, the brakes performance isn't affected by you wearing gloves or not. Feel is the most important thing a glove can give you because it directly impacts on how you control the bike. Too little feel and you aren't in complete control.
    I can recommend you one glove that is my all time favourite for feel, protection and quality, it is the Alpinestar SPS. Quite simply, this is the best glove i have ever used!! :cool:
  5. It is something that you almost just have to live with. The three conditions I have noticed a difference in "feel' is between wearing summer weight leather gloves(very little material), winter weight dri-rider gloves(fat-bastard fingers) and then riding for two hours in a torrential downpour with waterlogged winter weight dri-riders on(weren't exactly "dri"-riders!). When I rode in wet gloves, whenever I used the clutch or brake, I could feel the water squishing between my fingers. Talk about losing feel!

    Having said all that, you automatically accommodate the change to get the desired result on the bike. I make a habit of regularly alternating between the different style of gloves so I am readily able to adapt. So much so I now notice no difference between the two in regards to ability to control the bike. And I'm no jedi-rider. Only a years experience.