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new globes... dont fit

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dar_sbb, May 13, 2007.

  1. I got new globes for the bike, the 3 prongs dont match up...

    are bike ones different to cars? as i got it from autobarn...

    its just off... so wanna know what u guys think
  2. As far as i know diffrent wattatge have the pins in the diffrent positions.

    So the stuff u got from auto barn is probaly the wrong wattage.
    U can make them fit in most cases with no bad side affects. however u will get old grandmas commplainin it will ruin everthing on ur bike
  3. What size was it meant to be? H4?
  4. they were H4's

    just the prongs dont line up
  5. get a pair of pliers and make them fit whats the problem.
  6. Done
  7. ](*,)

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. The jap domestic bulbs are different, most imports suffer from this problem, but you can get the proper ones if you must.
  9. Different wattage with different pin location :?

    Alot of the modern stuff isnt your standard H4 globe. They actually have H7's available and now another new type on the market which i am not sure of its style as yet.. Be careful what you put in, even if you can bend the pins to fit.
  10. those bikes are H6 lamps - similar to an H4, but not!
  11. I just recently purchased an Aust delivered CBR250RR and had to change the two head lights as they would only work on high not low. Diagnosed the fault to two blown globes. Cool, as I work for Motor Traders I went and purchased two H4 globes which is what I thought they were, but noooooo they were wrong. So I then got the original globes and brought them to work where I found that they were identical (in the catalogue) to H6 globes which are bloody expensive and only Narva seem to do them. Got them home and Guess what, they were wrong but only buy a little bit so out came the pliers and now I have working lights.

    I rang a Motorcycle shop the next day and they do the genuine Honda part that only Honda use on their bikes. But at $40 per globe I will stick with my perfect yet slightly bent H6's