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New Gizmag vid: EBR 1190RX. What bikes to review next?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. I'm on the hunt for new bikes to review. What would you guys find helpful or interesting?

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  2. Anything interesting and different. Superdukes for example. No one really expects the new vfr to ride any different to any other vfr.
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  3. True enough! Mind you I haven't been on a VFR since about the 06.
  4. VFR would be good. Maybe the s1000r.
  5. I have a severe, priapic boner for the S1000R. I'll get on it. The bike, not the boner.
  6. Awesome. And thank god.
  7. Alright! S1000R and RNineT lined up... Got to work out who to talk to about a Superduke...
  8. Whether the new VFR is any different to the older models or not is irrelevant, I'd still like to see the Loz opinion.....
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  9. I definitely loled, I checked the price on one and have been deluged with phone calls ever since.

    I'm probably more in the VFR camp though so while I'd love to see a review of the beemers, throwing the viffer in the mix would be helpful.
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  10. Night Rod Special :finger:
  11. I think you should test the new Indian Scout :)
  12. Yeah, anything with a difference. I'm not interested in any 600/4 or 1000/4.

    Good review btw. It's good to see someone pointing out why race breeding is not automatically a good thing for road bikes.
  13. Honda and Harley have been elusive to this point anyway... See how we go. I wanna get hold of some of the LAMS bikes actually.
  14. good idea, E6/N, GS-500 sorta stuff.....
  15. what about one of those ACE125s?
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  16. Some of the newer MVs, like Dragster and Rivale?
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  17. Hmmmmm

    Might have an MT09 soon.
  18. Ask him his opinion on the last one then.
  19. Ktm 400, triumph 660. Don't care about the other mewling singles and twins.
  20. I've seen the speed triple review. What about the newish street triple. 675 and 660.