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New Giz video... Ducati Scrambler

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Only had 2 days with this one... And the Aussie MV launch was on one of them. So we had to film this in record time. Still had a blast. Neat little bike!
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  2. That review is very well done!, the right amount of comedy to actual information! love it.
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  3. Ah, Loz, you have truly mastered the art of informing while having buckets of fun!!!

    (Doesn't the tank look like the seventies Harley flat-trackers???)
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  4. I like the casio watch look
  5. Not one reference to hipsters. Truly we have passed peak beard.
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  6. would that be valley beard?

    Maybe not. I've never passed a valley beard.
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  7. Excellent review
  8. Yeah I reckon! Hence the Evel Knievel reference. Reminded me a bit of those old Yammy flat trackers too.
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  9. Love your work LozLoz

    Not sure about the bike (and its price)

    That said, if the bastard is going to flog your perineum to the extend of a resultant limp-dick; then I agree this is a good thing......

    It'll help cull the hipster-apocalypse.
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  10. Loz before your review I dismissed this thing as silly hipster nonsense. The fact that I'd now consider one is a credit to journalism and presentation.

    Great job!
  11. Thanks for another great review :finger::]
  12. Nice review cheers.

    I could definitely have one of these as a commuter in the garage. Maybe with narrower bars.
  13. ....Aussie MV launch.....

    Oh please do tell?
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  14. It's a unique bike, really - I can't think of anything else that rides like one. So low to the ground, the handling is just awesome fun around town and in the tight stuff. And heaps of power too, I just wish it didn't come on so strong.
  15. Just a press event pulling the covers off the F4 Evo, the Dragster RR and the Turismo Veloce, all of which look exactly as horn as you'd imagine and they're supposed to kick arse on the road as well. I'll find out soon enough, I'm heading over to California next week to drive a 1.5 million dollar personal submarine that looks like a Formula One car, and coming back and jumping straight onto a press day to ride the entire MV range next Sunday. Then I'm buggering off to Mongolia to go ride some Enfields. It's gonna be a busy month!
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  16. Your life must be hell.
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  17. I get some amazing opportunities, that's for sure - mind you, there's a difference between going and doing these things, and going and producing a video/story/photos of them. It's hard work, I stress my arse off and you do tend to experience stuff through the lens rather than in the moment. No complaints though, I'm a lucky guy to be able to do something I care about!
  18. I can see how that spongy front brake might be easier for a beginner, but I'd find it quite unnerving. And it's an 800 so not available as a starter bike in most markets around the world. That throttle response wouldn't help either.
    It does look like fun though and every time you take a corner, scraping all the way, you'll know that Marquez bloke couldn't have done it any quicker.
    I don't mean to be disparaging of this bike. It will be ridden much closer to its performance potential than almost any supersport bike in the country and in these days of police hypervigillance it may soon be the only fun left to be had.
    And if Ducati sell squillions of them and make truckloads of $$$, they'll have cash to spend on developing other bikes which will be no bad thing.
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  19. The brakes would simply need a bleed, or a braided line at the most, it's really probably just an oversight on the press bike, those things get a hard life.