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New girl

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Amazone, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hi there, just got my Ls and looking for some collective wisdom to help me choose a bike to get me through restrictions. I'm tall, 6 foot and weigh 70 kg. I had initially thought about a cruiser like a 650 V-Star but the Ninja 650 has caught my eye. Any suggestions welcome.

  2. I find my Suzuki GS500 goes darn well. Don't know what I look like on it (because I am on it). What type of riding you hoping to do (around town, long country runs, ...)
  3. Very much depends on the sort of riding you will be doing.

    The two bikes you've listed are chalk and cheese on the road.
    Are you an aspiring cruisy rider or do you want to have more of a play in twisty stuff?

    The Ninja 650RL is a fantastic bike......there is one for sale on here - look for Aussieak...
  4. Welcome! Go and sit on a few in the shops and see which one(s) make you smile the most. A test ride will probably mean a hefty excess if you drop it. Don't know where you live, but if you can get to the St Kilda learners session on a Saturday morning (see thread here), you'll probably see some of the bikes you like in action.
  5. I LOVE MY VSTAR 650 - and it lams, i have the classic and they hold there value pretty good.
    but like they said your either going to be a cruising type or racing type.
    I'm tall, 6 foot and weigh 70 kg, any more stats ) 'joke"
  6. Welcome to Netrider! :D

    Re your first bike question, what kind of buyer are you?

    a) "I want a nice shiny new one with a warranty, that hasn't been tarnished by any previous owner. I know it's gonna depreciate significantly in 12 months, but I can afford that."
    b) "I want something secondhand trusty and cheap that's not gonna hurt my wallet too much when I make inevitable newbie mistakes and it falls over. That way I can save money to spend on a real bike once I'm off restrictions, when I can ride properly and so make an informed choice then about which bike I really want."

    Also the two bikes you mention are very different to ride. It's not just about how they look, it's about what kind of riding experience you desire.

    Also don't forget to budget for decent protective gear is gonna cost you about $1500 typical for full cover.
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  7. ^ What he said

  8. Hello Amazone. Welcome to netrider, nice to have you along.

    Being tall can mostly be an advantage, because it opens up a great many more bikes. It will mean some of the more common learner mounts look and feel a bit silly because they're made for shorter people, but when you get some experience and want to upgrade to something better, it gives you many more choices.

    As said above, try and get a sit-on, and even better, a ride, on as many different bikes as you can. Riding a cruiser is very different to a touring bike, a sports bike, a naked, a dirt bike or motard... They all work the same way, but they give a very different feel and experience. Finding out which is the right genre for you is something you should do for yourself. By all means ask others their opinions, but remember they will promote and encourage you to make the same decision they made. That may or may not be the right decision for you.

    Have a trawl through the old threads. This sort of "What should I get as a new rider?" question comes up at least once a week, and there are hundreds - maybe thousands - of posts and opinions here. Just remember, it is an internet chat room, so... not all the advice is going to be right, and some people will hit on you.
  9. Consider also whether you'll be riding alone or with other people. If your going to ride with other people, then you've got to take into consideration the types of bikes that they ride. Riding a cruiser and hanging out with people on sports bikes that hit mountain twisties can be...challenging.

    Similarly, riding a full sports bike with people on cruisers who do mostly overnight trips down the highways might be...uncomfortable.
  10. Hi Amazone, and welcome to NR, as everyone suggested!!
    Get down to prac session on sat morns, talk to learners about their bikes, ask what they like about their bikes and what they dont,
    Look touch [dont drop] speak with Doug n Dave they help all learners with everything from riding tips to choice. Ask as many questions as you can think of, make notes so you'll remember to ask all :) And what you will discover about NR, we all help one another here. Good luck in the search for your bike, you may meet a tall learner who currently rides a cb400 and might be switching to kawasaki 650 soon. Might be worth saying hi to Mez n Matt
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  11. Hello
    let me be the first to ask you in our time honoured Netrider Tradition

    "are you hot?"
  12. All netriders are hot :)
  13. Amazone, Tak usually asks if you're hot cause he supplies some of the best protective jeans around, so if you value your skin, check his jeans [the ones he sells lol]
  14. Welcome to netrider.

    As others have said.. depending on what type of riding you're after.. is to which bike you are after.

    There's plenty of info on here about both bikes.. and others. Goodluck!
  15. Welcome in girl.
    Have fun,

  16. That took a lot longer than I thought.

  17. AND now all we hear is crickets from the new girly OP.....well done lads....well done

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  18. Are you shocked BitSar?
  19. Not in the least.....business as usual...

    As subtle as a huntsman in ya undies.....

    As you were....
  20. Hello and welcome. Yes my Ninja 650RL is for sale. I will be at Saturday practice subject to my bike not being sold yet if you want a look and feel. Test ride subject to normal buying conditions.