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New girl to Netrider & a new bike!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lans, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Hi all! I'm new to Netrider and just got my bike! (pretty excited) A black Kawasaki er-6nL.
    I've been riding a scooter for the past 4 years, but recently sold my car and decided to do my QRide and then there was no turning back.
    Before joining I had already been reading the forums for advice & newbie stories.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Lans & welcome to Netrider.
    Finally on a 'real' bike huh!!! :rofl:
  3. Another ER6-N! It's a sign I get one...

    Welcome! :D
  4. Welcome to Netrider! Great choice in bike, I reckon. :)
  5. Haha.. Yes... A 'real' bike! ^-^

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  6. Sneaking out of the woodwork to say "Be nice to WifeFace"! (I'm Lans husband!) I joined years ago and never did my QRide. She however is awesome and is rocking her new ER-6.
  7. Hi Lan, enjoy! (y) (glad you put your pic in your avatar so there's no need for the gratuitous "are you hot? We need pics" comments:rofl:)
  8. Hahaha... Thanks! and thanks!
  9. no soul
  10. daaaaaaaamn your scarey
  11. Sounds just like me! Had a scooter for 5 years and just got a er6n too. Although went for the non lams version. Loving it.
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  12. Good bike choice..bienvenido seƱorita
  13. Welcome to NR, another thank you for uploading a pic, really streamlines the perving process here
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  14. welcome to netrider, good choice on the kawasaki (kwikasfuki) :p
  15. Not scary at all! [MENTION=25428]goz[/MENTION]

    [MENTION=26931]smileedude[/MENTION] That's cool! Riding the scooter defiantly helps with road confidence.. But still building my confidence on the bike. I'm only just on my Lams so had to get a learner bike. Very happy with my choice :)

    Thanks all for the welcome!
  16. Great to see another lady rider from Brissie! Welcome!
  17. yeah but you will forever be known now as "scooter boy "
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  18. Hello and welcome, good bike :)
  19. Welcome! Love the bike (y) if I could've afforded one would've gotten it for my LAMS bike too