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New girl rider waving hello *waves*

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ghope, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys and Girls,

    Just wanted to step out from lurking for a moment to say hi and thank you all for the amazing help you offer everyone. I was reading the forums for a few weeks before I got the courage to ring and book the Ls test (thanks to this forum).

    Anyways before I blabber on just wanted to say I had the BEST time at the training over at MTA in Dandy and if anyone is like me deciding whether to go for your L's or not... DO IT!! I didn't want to leave at the end of the day! :D

    Now comes the fun part of trying to find a bike and gear. Once again thank you everyone for making this such a warm and friendly place...from what I have read :wink: Oh and of course *waves*
    HI ALL !!!!!

  2. A Big Warm Welcome to you!!

    Glad to see you've been bitten by the biking bug, I hope you realised you're doomed to a life of thrill, exhilaration and fun like the rest of us.

    If you ever get down to Tassie, drop in.

  3. Gday ghope... welcome to the Netrider...

    Gratulations on the successful passing of the L's test...

    What sort of bike were you looking at getting??
  4. welcome tro the forums.

    getting your bike and gear is good and has many traps too , so kill two birds with one stone .
    come into coffee on friday night , meet all the people sit on as many bikes as you can , talk to the ownwers about the pro's and cons of them .
    chat with everyone about there gear they are wearing and where they got it , and meet the people from netrider.

    see friday night coffee post in events and ride section

    if you cant get in there , post up on the forum and we most likely could arrange for someone to pick you up and drop you off that night .

    we have a lot of people who come in from the south east so take the oppertunity and you will love the ride in and out anyway .
  5. ghope,

    Welcome, and good.....another blabberer.....
  6. Gday ghope, welcome to the forums.

    Good luck with getting your bike and gear - have fun!!

    :D :D
  7. Welcome to the forum ghope

    congrats on your Ls.
  8. Welcome to the fold......

    Hope the Riding bug never leaves you..... See you on the road...
  9. Hey again

    Thanks for your warm welcomes :) *feels all fuzzy and can't wait to get on the road and get that first NOD!!!* *grins wildly*

    I might have to jump over to the coffee forum and maybe take a deep breathe and leave the warmth of my lurking corner :)

    Reguarding the type of bike I want...maybe some of you guys can help me now...at the moment I'm really interested in getting my hands on a SRV250 however they seem to be lacking when it comes to people selling them. If any of you guys had any advice or know somewhere I could get one for a reasonable price etc it would be greatly appreciated :D
  10. welcome ghope,
    congrats on passing L's and coming out of the cage closet into the world of surprises :eek: :shock:
  11. Welcome ghope the SRV250 is a tidy little bike but you should also look at the Honda Night Hawk (CB 250) Yes I'm unashamedly biased but they're a bit heavier so cope better with things like wind & the extra cylinder gives them a bit more go, but as Groberts said come to coffee night you don't have to ride in to attend also check out the bike shops & try them all on for size. I'm in Cranny if you want a riding companion when you get your bike! btw were you lucky enough to get Michael for your L's test? Isn't he just gorgeous?
  12. I was using a CB 250 as the training bike and as the first road bike I have been on I must say I did like it a lot :) At the moment I'm still leaning towards the SRV but still like the feel of the CB. I went to one of the Yamaha bike stores today just to have a feel of some of them, they are all amazingly different!! Now I know why people say that you have to have a connection with the type of bike you choose because some of them are just not for me at all!!! :)
    When I get my bike I think I might take you up on the riding companion offer, it's great to know there are so many friendly bikers around :)
    I did have Michael for the Intro course, he was wonderful. I would of been happy to spend all day there learning. For the actual test my group had um Ricco? I forget his name lol the guy with the beard I'm fairly sure his name starts with R ...I was just impressed with how wonderful and friendly they all are.
  13. Flash you're netrider card when you do your P's test as we get a 10% discount! btw the P's test is easier than the L's!
  14. *sigh*
    SRV250 is a v twin hence the V designation.
    Is your cb250 a triple in that it has an "extra cylinder"?
    SRV250 is faster and better looking than the cb250.
    In fact most bikes are.
    (unbiased opinion)
    As for the new girl, wot sue and glen both said.
    Come to friday coffee at Southbank.
  15. Hello and welcome aboard :)

    Stay safe and have fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  16. :) welcome to the forums ghope, oh yeah and to the highly addictive bike riding thing 8)
  17. G'day ghope, Welcome!!!

    Its great to hear you took the bull by the horns, hardest part is probably setting aside the time to do the course and test (Remember that when your time to do your Ps comes).
  18. What great taste you've got. I think the SRV is one of the classiest 250s around. Beautiful in stock trim, but a great platform for a sweet little cafe racer. And the world needs more cafe racers.

    Hmmm...rather akin to saying "Eggs benedict is a fine breakfast, but have you considered porridge?" I think Bond Girl is confusing the SRV with the SR250

    Welcome to the forums, and good luck finding your SRV.
  19. Mark, it is ok to just stop there :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Oops sorry yes I was too much coffee!