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New girl rider saying hi

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by model4u, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Hey i am a new girl rider.. I have an 05 suzuki gs500f.. I love riding... but I havent actually got out on normal streets yet.. just the round the block crap.. but I need to find a clutch handle that I can change the position of it its kinda far for me and my little fingers.. I can deal but I cant use the turn signals the way it is.. does any one know of any aftermarket ones that would fit.. also I cant find any aftermarket stuff for my bike.. like euro tail light and stuff any advice???

  2. Thank you.. I will look into that
  3. Just remember; the critical factor when choosing a clutch lever is to ensure you can reach it to twang it with your index finger and pop a wheelie.
  4. I don't think Melbourne is local to the lass, she is in Arizona
    Welcome model4u, nice pics on your site too :grin:
  5. Hi model4u , welcome .
  6. Welcome :) ..... Nice myspace site, is it just me or does that yellow ninja like like a gpx???
  7. Not surprising, the GPX is sold in the US as a Ninja. Oh and welcome to the forums model4u.
  8. Welcome to the forum Traci. It's good too see some more overseas visitors to the site. I hope you get your clutch issue sorted out so that you can continue to ride with ease.

    Oh yeah and unlike the others who posted in this thread i'm not backwards about coming forwards so i have one more thing to say....HOLY CRAP YOUR HOT!! You have one lucky boyfriend. Keep up the good work and if you stick around you'll definately have to explain the 'fake birthdays' concept to me.

  9. Welcome to our madness and enjoy yourself

    Regards your aftermarket parts question, may I suggest

    These guys seem to have all the answers in your neck of the woods. They have helped me greatly.
  10. hi there,enjoy the forum
  11. Welcome to the mad house! some thing tells me this is going to be a rather popular thread. :LOL:
  12. G'day model4!
  13. You HAVE to come to coffee this afternoon..............where's Groberts when you need him!!!!??????
  14. er, roamer, as was pointed out to me, the lady lives in Arizona, according to her website. Still, the invitation ought to be made, definitely. I'm happy to have a Wollongong Coffee Night for her, just to promote the growth of Netrider, of course.
  15. Where was this invite when I first posted...I feel so unwanted :LOL:

    Edit: Spellling
  16. Wheres Groberts with the invite to Friday coffee?

    Welcome to the funnyfarm model4u
  17. Can still have coffee in Wollongong, but I can't guarantee anyone who looks like model4u does!

    namik's on the corner of Corrimal and Crown Streets is my waterhole of choice.......
  18. It doesn't count now rofl.
  19. So, what, you going to sulk now? Jeez motorcyclists are such sensitive souls.... :LOL: :LOL: