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New Girl Rider saying hi!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by flashfire, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    My first post. :) I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and I gotta say you guys are so helpful and friendly and hilarious! I look forward to maintaining my forum addictions with you guys. :) I currently mod a site for firedancing (one of my hobbies).

    Anyway, I'm a 20-something year old Sydney girl and I just completed my application for finance so I can buy a bike! I did the pre-learner training about 6 weeks ago, but wanted to ensure I can afford to buy a bike before I get my Ls proper. :) Fingers crossed!

    At this stage, I'm looking at a VTR250. I'm kinda short: 5'3" on a good day, and even on the VTR my feet aren't firmly on the ground, which makes me nervous but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I had notions of getting a Virago until my boyfriend and friends bullied me out of it. hehehe. I dig the cruiser style, but I think I will prefer the versatility of a naked sports bike when I want to start cornering properly. And, my bf said he could never talk to me again if I get a cruiser. :?

    Just a question for the girls - what do you do with your hair? My hair is kind of long, and gets really tangled in the wind. Also, when you take off the helmet how do you make sure your hair isn't all flat and stuff? I know this line of questioning seems a trite petty, but I gotta know! I will be riding my bike to/from work so I have to look presentable when I arrive in the mornings. Also, do people take normal clothes and shoes in their luggage and get changed out of leathers/equivalent when they arrive at work? Or is there some clever line of motorcycle wear that you can get away with in the office?

    Anyway, that's me. I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of me on the forums; there is such a wealth of info here (though not nearly enough Sydney riders...?)

  2. I ride to work and have a management position. I take my clothes in my backpack ROLLED UP, not folded. They come out looking fine.
  3. oh, and welcome by the way :)

    My partner is 5'4" and both her feet can completely touch the ground on my ZZR, just a thought :D
  4. Get a Gearsack/Ventura/other brand rack & bag.

    They're great for transporting all your stuff. (i fit my laptop, clothes & lunch in their with room to spare).

    Also great for carrying gear on long trips (ie if you come to the Island for the GP).
  5. I used to have veeeerrry long hair (when I was little I admired a friend of my mother who was a motorcyclist named Ms.Fox and she had the longest hair Ive ever seen.) Id take my cue from Ms. Fox and plat it then stick it under your jacket. If it is especialy long, you can bend it in half lengthways after brading and tie it up at the base of your skull to make it short enough to not get in teh way of traffic ;)
  6. although I love riding to work, it is a lot more work that in the car either end. Putting on gear and then ripping it all off is a real pain. don't get me started on the helmet hair... I usually do my hair at work (come up in the lift looking like I just got out of bed!)

    Winter is better than summer as I can wear all my heavy cordura stuff over my work clothes, but in summer I usually have to change out of a pair of draggin jeans into work pants.

    one big plastic hassle...

    if someones invents a hair friendly helmet, I'll buy it.
  7. Being nearly bald, I can't help with the hair, but my colleague Samantha says:

    1. Wear a silk scarf under your helmet
    2. Pony tail
    3. Sinead O'Connor (actually, I can recommend this one)
  8. My wife also commutes and left this morning wearing full leathers with her corporate clothes rolled up in the gearsack. They come out in good condition and she can also fit all toiletries and laptop and other stuff in there as well.
  9. hi there,, regards clothes to work, if you can you should leave some stuff at work, ie shoes etc.. for me i have to wear casual business atire and i just wear a bike jacket, sometimes i wear a suit on the bike (as long as the weather is ok), It is alot easier for a guy to wear there normal clothes on a bike compared to a girl.. I am sure you will manage fine.
  10. Hi Flash

    Good choice of bike, have had one for two months, wife decided on a CB 250 as she is 5'1",she found the VTR a bit harder for height, we looked at the Virago's as well, liked the look of them but were advised by a few experienced riders to learn on something that gave you the full experience, cornering etc, claimed harder to upgrade from a cruiser style to a sports when the time came.

    Enjoy the VTR they are excellent, dealer through in a small screen when I purchased mine, rode for couple of days without it before it came in and is worth considering when you get the bike, does make a difference.

  11. I use to have hair down to my arse and wore 1 long plait down the back. Now that I have had a few inches cut off and layered, i need to have my hair in 2 plaits. I get alot of pippy longstocking jokes and other ummm jokes from the guys but its all good and my hair doesnt end up all knotted :)
  12. Hey Flash,

    Welcome to the world of bikes.

    The VTR250 is a great all round kinda bike. My close female friend got one when she got her learners and loves it, although now her son has his learners and she is having trouble keeping him off it!!

    As for your hair when riding, I have long hair, and find the best way to manage it with riding is to leave it wet, and put it in a plait. When i get to work, i undo it all, and generally its still wet so i can style however i want without the problems of it being flat. Most people i deal with during the day, dont even guess i ride a bike.
    For the clothes, I wear dri-riders and just wear my suit underneath. Most of my work clothes are polyester suits (and i think 3 of them are from Katies) the kind that you can throw in the dryer and dont need much of an iron afterwards. They dont seem to crease under the dri-riders. Generally though i leave the jackets off and in winter wear a tracksuit jumper instead when on the bike.
    With my shoes (and my skirts the days i wear them) I have a ventura bag on my bike, which i carry this lot and a hairbrush in.
    If im wearing pants, its easy to just change at my desk, if a skirt, easy to change in the toilets.

    Best of luck with the L's, and enjoy riding!

    '91 Across
  13. What jokes would they be deb ?
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh and welcome to the site Flash :)

    I'd go the baby VTR, in readyness to move up to its big bother in a year or so :twisted:
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    Chairman - no Sinead O'Conner for me! I had short hair when I was 8 years old and after being mistaken for a boy, have been forever scarred. I don't think I'll ever have short hair. :LOL:

    Monda: good stuff. I like the VTR, but the CB I did the pre-learner course on was a much better height. It's just a shame that I have a small obsession with power and grunt, otherwise I would consider one myself.

    Flipper & eswen: Me too! My hair was down to my arse until about a year ago when I got it chopped. It's now layered, so will try the pig-tail concept.

    Paul, Scumbag (interesting name :) ) & Dan - good advice on rolling the clothes, and leaving things like shoes at work. As you say, a car is probably easier in the long run, but I don't have one and have had it up to here *points at head* with ShittyRail and Buses.

    Doonks - I'll have a look at the ZZR. I don't know much about bikes at all... I assume this bike is full fairing?

    CBRSteve: yep - Ventura Rack for sure... How else do I get my groceries home? hehe.
  15. Oh something about handles :?: :twisted: :LOL:
  16. ahh - nice idea Fire Eagle. Wet hair then style at work.

    I can see myself having to leave my house 15mins early just so I can get ready in the toilets!
  17. Deb,

    When did you start copying my style??? :wink: :p

    Seriously though, When you hair is layered, 2 plaits is a fantastic way to keep it all up. I've been using it mainly for day rides on the bike, and always for firefighting.

    I have a feeling im the only firefighter who wears pigtails and pipylongstocking plaits!!

    '91 Across
  18. Maybe you guys can tell me why there seems to be very little depreciation on the VTR250's? For example, a brand new one is $7999 + ORC, but dealerships are flogging 5+ year old ones for around $2000 less.

    Do bikes generally maintain their value for quite some time?

    I was hoping to get a bike for $5000 max, and as a first bike I'm destined to drop it, I suppose?
  19. Have you also considered Spada? I know a few people who have them and they have no problem keeping up.

    Regarding clothes:
    I wear my jacket a size larger which can go over my work clothes - no issue when I have to "client-facing" clothes.

    I also keep some spare clothes at work in case of bad weather.
  20. Definitely try to leave a pair of work shoes at work and, if you can get away with it, some work clothes as well. As for the long hair issue, I am crap at doing plaits on myself, so I sort of do a ponytail, except I leave it in a loop, the end of which gets tucked into the helmet. I never get tangles at all doing it that way, and you don't get the annoyance of something flapping around the helmet as you're riding along the freeway :)

    I keep a hairbrush at work and just get changed there, as unfortunately I have one of those jobs where I have to wear corporate attire.

    PS. If you want a cruiser, don't let anyone talk you out of getting one - there aren't enough of us cruiser riders on the forums!! :D