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New Girl on L's in Sutherland Shire

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dakotabre, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just thought I'd say hello to everyone, Joined the forums today so I could finally post, after reading so much on this website over the past few weeks. Theres such a wealth of knowledge on here!!

    As the title suggests, I live in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, I got my L's about 3 weeks ago, and have spent the last few weeks getting riding gear- safety first!! Then going to look around for my first bike at the start of July (After I get back from Holidaying in Darwin! -Warm weather, here I come).

    You'll probably see me on here a fair bit asking stupid questions, but I just ask that you bare with me, as I don't know much about bikes and I don't personally know many people who do either, so I'm just trying to learn all I can :)

    Cheers and Take Care Out There..
  2. Now for your official welcome :)

    Come out to one of the Learner Sessions on a Sunday at Homebush. Even if you dont have your bike yet its a way to meet up with everyone and get some good advice.

    I dont think there really is such a thing as a stupid question when you are starting - if you dont know or arent sure its always better to ask.
  3. Welcome aboard, as Lucy said, Homebush is the 1 for you, we will show u everything u need to know, let us know when your ready to go and we will get 1 of the Sutherland blokes to show u the way
  4. Why do I find it mildly amusing that a lady should ask us to BARE with her?? {bear is the right word} :LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously, welcome to Netrider, and the exciting part of the early learning curve...
  5. Thankyou Sirian and Goz :) I'll definately be wanting to go to Homebush for some extra learning as soon as I get a bike, about 3 weeks time!! - Can't wait!!

    Hornet- Oh my, ha ha I will be careful to check my spelling and grammer before I post haha Please BEAR with me, with my choice of wording!! ;)
  6. what bike are you looking at getting?
  7. Welcome aboard!

    Well done on the L's.

  8. +1 to Sydney rider

    Welcome to NR &

    +1 to Homebush Leaners on Sundays

    what goz and sirian said.
  9. Thank you for the new 'Welcome' Messages G3ORG3Y and Zaphod69 :)

    I'm not sure what bike to get yet Goz... I was looking at cheap used Kawasaki cause there seems to be alot of them cheaply available. But the last couple of days, I've been looking at the Hyosungs- I like that they have the fuel gauges haha.

    As I stated in the first post, I don't know much about bikes, so I'll just keep reading up and seeing what others say about good learner bikes, and see whats around in a couple of weeks when the time comes to buy :)
  10. who needs fuel gauge...trip meter!
  11. welcome to NR
    about bikes check out the suzuki gs500.
    a good reliable bike thats easy to ride and hard to kill.
  12. ok stay away from hyosungs, stick with the big 4 brands to be safe, i had 1 and had no problems BUT if u go through this website you will see a few hyo's went CHK CHK BOOM :) so better not to take that risk
  13. And there are also a couple of happy Hyo riders about :grin:. I can't comment on older models but my '08 GT650 is going great.

    I'm slowly working up to longer rides. Did ~200km last weekend. Comfortable, responsive, a hoot up Macquarie Pass, and back down to Kangaroo Valley. Removing the slides has turned it into a whole new bike, much smoother in lower gears.

    They're a little left-field, not yet all that popular, but I'd recommend an '08/'09 model based on my experience.
  14. hyos you either love em or hate em......
  15. Welcome Aboard !