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New girl in Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kirby, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all!

    My name is Bec, and I'm a L plater still (not for much longer though!)
    I'm in Melbourne and I ride a CB250. I'm also another immigrant from ASB.

    Looking forward to the coming summer, can't wait to get out for some rides!
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  2. Welcome Kirby. :)
  3. Welcome Kirby. Go to Saturday morning practise in Elwood to help you get through the test!
  4. Hi and welcome.

    +1 to the above also to meet some awesome NRs who go out on regular rides.
  5. also are you hot and do you have pics to prove this?
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  6. Haha you kill me, do you have some sort of email alert for new female member posts?!?

    Anyway, I agree, pics! Haha.
  7. Hey Kirby welcome to netrider wat part of melbourne do you call home. saturday practices and the weekday rides are a good way to build up confidence (or so i hear im still workin on getting to a saturday practice :D )
  8. Probably hotter than you!/Joke

    What's that line...

    I have a great personality!

    I'm in the North Eastern Suburbs, near Diamond Creek, so I'm nice and close to the Kinglake/Healesville Hills which is awesome!
    I think I'll have to try to get to one of these practices, although I've heard that the P's test is pretty easy.
    I want more confidance cornering faster!
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  9. picssssss
  10. I think we need to keep track of who gets in first with the hot/pic question and offer a prize to the one with the most every month lol...

    Hi Bec - enjoy the madhouse!
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  11. Welcome to Netrider! Get out on some of those group rides! They're awesome. Great members and great roads.
  12. Welcome to NR (y)

    +1 to Sat Practice @ St Kilda.
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  13. Hello and welcome, Saturday learners practice is a good thing. So are the Sunday learner friendly rides.
  14. Hi there Kirby, as others have already said get down to Saturday morning practice at Elwood when you can. Lot of good people who can teach you a lot:).
  15. Sounds like you all should have a saturday morning practice at her place - perhaps she can show you some local roads that are, um, less supervised ;)

    Welcome to NR.
  16. another welcome :).
  17. More Welcomes from me
  18. Welcome to the craziness that is NR.. and remember, its just the internet.. :) have fun.
  19. woot,

    another out my way,
    the spurs are awesome, (black spur is a parking lot on the weekends)
    but reefton is a nice long stretch of corners. definetly check out satdy morning sessions.

    and im always up for a sunday arvo ride...
    I just dont have a bike for a month. (well one to do the spurs... )
  20. Welcome Bec, hope you're having a blast :)