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New girl in Melb & no idea where to ride!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by mudbunny, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm just new to Melbourne and I'm looking forward to running in my new baby this weekend but I'm really not sure where to go!
    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations?

    I'm coming from the Williamstown area. :)
    And I'll be taking my boss so somwhere to stop along the way for lunch would be tops :)
    Thanks again.
  2. Welcome Mudbunny.

    Pretty much all the areas to the north and East that we usually ride got burnt to the ground last weekend. :cry:

    Head down to the west coast past Geelong and along the Great Ocean Road and Otways maybe?
    Some parts of the Dandenongs should still be safe, too.

  3. Might I suggest Mt Macedon, and then in to Woodend for lunch at Holgates.

    Plenty of options to head up that way, and I have always had a damn good feed there. Mt macedon is a great bit of road, if short, just watch the hairpin going down the north side.

    Google maps

    I do not think it would take the 2 hours suggested by google, but you can reduce it a bit by using the freeway near Diggers rest closer to Mt Macedon.
  4. I love these threads.

    All the sad sweaty obese socially inept riders will offer to take you for a ride. This thread will go for thirty pages or something.

    Anyway, I'm going on the GOR this weekend. Come along.
  5. LMAO
    So am I, I hope you wear some good deoderant!
  6. Macedon ranges is good. Other option is to head for the Brisbane Ranges near Steiglitz, plenty of good roads in the area and the pub in Meredith does very good meals (or at least it did last time I was there - I take no responsibility if it's changed ;)).

    On the way back be sure to take the Slate Quarry road to Durdiwarrah, head North a bit on the Geelong/Ballan road - then turn off towards Glenmore just after Mt Wallace. You'll know why when you get there :grin:.
  7. dandenongs are still mostly fine i believe. some parts of the east are.... but a lot are burnt/under threat.
  8. I know that road! You're sending them to their doom, ya b@stard! :LOL:
  9. Thanks for the info everyone. GOR it is!
  10. Prrrrr - Hi Mudbunny - I am a 39 year old dynamo....

    Here is a pic... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


    Ride the GOR, great road... But, as you are new to melbourne, I would suggest meeting the crew in town tonight - south bank - and then finding out where to ride and who might be willing to show you around. :) Thats what I would do. :)

    Sorry, could not resist :LOL:
  11. At least I didn't suggest riding it in the opposite direction ;).
  12. he he thanks sir skuffy but I have been roped into a footy game & assigned designated driver for the evening. Look forward to getting to one of these meets. I'll be the one in the corner biting my nails :oops:
  13. In the corner biting your nails - dont be bloody sillt young lady.

    There are plenty of young male riders that will bite your nails for you :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey, we are a biking community, you will be as welcome as an old friend.

    you just reminded me - Its been about 2 months since my last friday night visit, might have to make an appearance next friday.
  14. Surprised that nobody has mentioned Gippsland. Great roads with great scenery from the hills to the coast. Plenty of well spaced caffeine stops as well!
    Granted it's a bit farther from your side of the bay but still perfectly
    do-able as a day ride.
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  16. Williamstown you say. Ride to the Groove Lounge on a monday night and meet with the wesside NR crew. Come and have a bit to eat and a chin wag :)