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New girl here

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 600Girl, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone :)
    I have been reading the forum for a few weeks now and thought id finally say hi so hi :p
    My names cassie and ive been in melbourne for 2 months after moving from Perth. I bought a bike the first week i was here as my ex got me into bikes and i love the rush. I love the fact the melbourne people are so friendly too, but dont like the 4 seasons in one day. :?
    You seem a great bunch and i look forward to meeting up with some of the girls and hot guys on here at some stage. :p and finding good places to go riding. :wink:
    Mwah cassie :p :wink:

  2. Weclome Cassie, the Melbourne Netriders are a really great bunch, and coffee night at Southbank is an event not ot be missed.
  3. Geez theres heaps of chicks comin out of the woodwork lately!

    Welcome :) , goodluck findin any hot guys here tho :p
  4. All the really hot guys are in Sydney. :LOL:
  5. Welcome to the forums Cassie - don't think you'll have to look too far to find rides/events around Melbourne.
  6. Welcome Cassie :)
    :woot: another member from donnie :LOL:

    There's a coffee meet in preston (10 minutes up the road) every sunday which you are more than welcome to attend and it might give you a chance to meet the cooler netriders before you are dissapointed later on ;), hope to see you around.

  7. no they are not
    they are here in melbourne.. :LOL:
  8. Welcome Cassy. Look forward to riding you soon.
  9. I thought you were female?? :LOL:
  10. welcome to the forums.. :grin:
  11. hiya cassie

    welcome to the forms!

    what area you from? where you go/been riding?
  12. Jeez folks, read the posts for goodness sakes.......
  13. Hi Cassie/Cassey however you spell it :LOL: , welcome to netrider always good to see another gal, big move from Perth, the weather can be a bit shithouse in Melbourne but you get used of it and our summers seem to be getting quite a lot hotter and consistant. Hope you like your football as alot of people talk about it during winter :) .
    See you on the road :cool: .
  14. a warm welcome for you all the way from warm sunny sydney (gee it was a perfect day today) :LOL:
    edit >
    oh you got any pictures of you gsxr 600 ? :roll: :p :wink:
  15. Sorry Kraven I meant WITH you. :p Got ahead of myself. Someone call the grammar police :)
  16. It WAS a perfect day here today, and I participated in a WORLD RECORD, the Microsoft Water Balloon Challenge at Coogee beach! What fun!! :LOL:
  17. Thanks heaps for the warm welcome.
    I hope the girls will reply too :p
    Troy thanks for the private msg and a meeting up may be a possibility at some stage mwah. Your number will save in the msg wont it? i couldnt reply back to it for some reason.
    Hope to see all you guys one day :grin:
  18. Welcome Cassie to our rather frosty Melbourne weather. The weather might be a little chilly at the moment but we do have some lovely roads, it kind of compensates for the weather. I lived in Perth for 10 years, I'd rather have Victoria's roads!
  19. You have to have made at least 5 posts before you can send a PM, Cassie..... :grin:
  20. Oops, my bad hehe :oops: